CHAPTER 24 - Unexpected Outburst

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The group all froze when they saw what was happening.

"Is he being bullied?" asked Ashlyn.

Taylor said, "It's him again," as she glared at the taller figure in the distance, known as Barron.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm on it," Tyler started heading over to the scene. "Barron. What are you doing?"

Y/N could feel her heart racing, and she didn't even realize she was clenching her fists. Her fists turned red from how hard she was squeezing them. Ben was on the girl's right with Aiden standing beside him. This indescribable feeling within her only intensified as she watched everything unfold. Y/N glared at Barron from afar as she saw him hurting Logan, clearly upsetting some people.

Even though she wasn't close to Logan, she couldn't just ignore the situation. This was the first time she had felt such intense anger, and she felt compelled to take action.

Ben and Y/N were staring at the scene in front of them, both filled with anger. Normally, she wouldn't get involved in this kind of situation, but something inside her told her she couldn't just ignore it. She had never felt so upset before, and it was a strange feeling for her. She usually didn't act on her emotions like this, but in that moment, she felt like she had to. It was like a wave of anger she had never experienced before.

Aiden glanced over at Ben, whose face was twisted in anger. Panicking, Aiden quickly stepped in front of him, trying to block his view and distract him.

"WOAH, hey bud. Calm down. The half-wit is handling it," he said nervously. And then, out of the corner of his eye, he sees Y/N standing next to Ben, both radiating the same intense energy.

Aiden gulped. "Y/N, relax," he whispered. He had never seen her this angry, not even when he was teasing her. He felt uneasy. "It's okay, just don't look--"

As the girl's mind wandered, she found herself in a tough spot. She closed her eyes, trying to calm down and think things through. When she opened them, she saw Logan in trouble. Despite not being very close to him, she felt a strong urge to help him and protect him from harm.

Throughout their time together, Logan had always been kind and helpful. But seeing him in a vulnerable position stirred up a mix of emotions in the girl. She felt a surge of anger, not knowing exactly why she was feeling this way.

Barron asked, "Hey, Tyler, do you know this girl?" He looked at her and then at Tyler, who quickly glanced at him before focusing back on Y/N.

"Y/N, I can handle this," Tyler tried to calm Y/N down, not wanting things to get worse. He knew she was angry, but he didn't want any trouble.

Y/N didn't say anything and just kept glaring at him. She knew he was right, she didn't want to do anything she would regret later. Just the sight of this guy made her want to do something that she would regret. She felt herself caught up in her throat as it felt heavy, yet a bit dry and it was itching to say more.

"So calm down," Tyler said sternly, narrowing his eyes at her for her to listen to his command.

A sigh left the girl's lip as she then turned away from Barron to check up on Logan. Getting a look on his face, he was clearly tensed. However, as she took a closer look at his face, she noticed a bruise on him, which almost made her lose her temper. However, thinking about the situation and her actions, she closed her eyes, relaxing her thoughts as she needed some self-control.

'Calm down. Don't do anything rash, just focus on dealing with him,' was all she thought before lifting her gaze at Logan. "Are you okay?" Her eyes slowly softening as she placed a hand on his bruised cheek.

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