CHAPTER 11 - Dream

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Y/N slowly began to open her eyes, thinking it was morning she started to sit up. A yawn escapes her lips, placing a hand on her mouth she slowly began opening her eyes and was then immediately taken aback at her surroundings.


The place she wasn't even a room, it looked to be, but she wasn't sure what to call it as it sure wasn't the room she was sleeping in. The area was a wide and blank room, she was alone and the place was empty, Taylor and Ashlyn were nowhere in sight. Realizing she was on the ground she started to stand.

"Where the- Where am I?" Questions begin to fill the girl's mind. Looking down she saw that she was standing in what looked to be water, she stared at herself in the reflective water. 'What is this place.'  She looked around in hopes of finding something.

It didn't help that Y/N felt so lost, confused, and abit afraid of the current situation she was in. The room seemed to stretch on and on like an endless void.

"HELLO! HELLO! Is anyone hear!" Nothing, no response was returned to her except hearing her echo. "Am I dreaming?" Lifting her hand, she slapped herself multiple times until was she then greeted with pain.

"Ouch. Guess not, ow. I need to hold myself back from hitting myself so hard..." Noting that this wasn't a dream she began rubbing her swollen cheeks gently. "Well if this isn't a dream then was I perhaps kidnapped in my sleep?" The thought sent a chill throughout her body.

Suddenly, a voice was heard, but she couldn't quite catch what it was. Even though there was no one around her, which made her more alert.

"Hello! Who's there?"

"Do not be afraid, I only want to help you."

"Huh-What! Who said that? Where am I? Who are you, and Why did you kidnap me!"

"I see you have questions."

"Huh!" It was then she heard the voice, but more clearly startling her as it echoed throughout the room. Their voice was distorted, which made it hard to identify the person. 'Where's it coming from, is there a hidden mic somewhere? Ugh! WHERE IS THE DOOR!'

"There is no mic or anything. And I can assure you that you're not kidnapped. I just took access of your mind to talk to you."

"H-how did you know what I was thinking! Access- what? My mind? What?!"

"Yes, now I know it's going to be hard to believe but yes, I'm in your mind."

"I must be dreaming right now, there's just no way, there's no way. I'm in my head hearing a voice talking to me right now."

"You said it yourself, this isn't a dream."

"Haha, I must be going crazy right now, this has to be a dream, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming." Y/N wasn't sure what was happening, but she felt like she was going mad.

"You are not crazy, and this is real, but in some, you could say it's a dream. Though I can assume you have lots of questions."

"I- I... Who are you, and what is this place."

"This is your mindscape, where all your dreams take place. And as for who I am, I can't tell you that, but you can call me your savior for the time being."

"But didn't you say this wasn't a dream, is this a dream or not, this is getting confusing, and my savior?"

"Yes, but I don't have much time to explain that since you'll probably be waking up anytime soon and this will probably be my last chance to tell you this. Now if you would please, I know it's hard to believe you are hearing a voice in your head, but I'm trying to help you. Now, would you hear me out and listen to what I have to say?"

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