CHAPTER 23 - An Enemy

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           GUN SHOP

"We need some better weapons," Ashlyn declared, marker in hand, as she addressed the group.

" are we going to get there?" Tyler asked, his brow furrowed as he looked at the board and then at the redhead.

"Well, we'll need two things first:


"We need a vehicle to drive to the gun shop. My parent's Jeep is the closest so we'll need to bring it to the graveyard." Ashlyn explained, "However, the phantom got over the walls last time. I'm not sure how, but we need to figure out a way to stop it from happening again - so when we get the Jeep, any phantoms that follow us won't be able to get in. Anyone got any ideas?"

Ashlyn scanned the group, hoping for suggestions, but everyone remained silent, including Y/N who stood to the side with her hand on her chin, lost in thought. Just as the silence was about to become overwhelming, Ben had a sudden idea. He stood up, catching Y/N and Taylor's interest as they watched with confusion and curiosity. Ben walked over to a bag on the floor, opened it, and took out a red book and a pencil. He started drawing something in the book, and Y/N, recognizing his movements as that of an artist, leaned in to see.

Ben then showed the drawing to the group—a rough sketch of barbed wires on top of a structure resembling the outside wall. The group inspected the sketch, wondering about its significance. Tyler was the first to speak up, expressing doubts about the effectiveness of the plan.

"If they were normal humans that might work, but I feel it wouldn't really bother them to grab and climb the wire regardless."

"Yeah... I can see that happening." Taylor agreed, envisioning the phantom easily climbing over the wall despite the barbed wires.

"Since their body doesn't react well to light, why don't we just have some large light fixtures on the wall?" Aiden suggested.

"I'm not sure if the generator has enough power to keep those lights on." Ashlyn answered, "Most of the power goes toward the door...If the lights went off every time we opened the door, it wouldn't be that helpful."

" lights? Maybe?" Logan proposed, intriguing Ashlyn.

"That...could work."

"But how are we going to get them?"

Ah, you can leave that to me. I haven't been using my allowance lately so it's built up a bit." Aiden said with his head tilted slightly.

"Allowance? How much do you have?" Ashlyn asked, her curiosity piqued.


Tyler - 'So he's the rich cliche kid.'

Taylor - 'There was bound to be one in the group.'

Y/N - 'Must be nice...'

Ashlyn - 'Why'd it have to be the psycho though.'

"Anyway, I have a card, so we can order the lights online and have them shipped here." He smiled.

"...Alright, then we'll do that tomorrow." Before ending the discussion however, "Oh. Before I forget, can I borrow your knife, Aiden?"

"Sure," Aiden handed Ashlyn the blade, which catch Y/N eye as she looked at Ashlyn with confusion and a hint of curiosity. "What do you need it for-"

Right as he was about to finish his sentence, his eyes grew wide with shock. He watched as she suddenly cut off her two long cornrows, surprising both H/C-girl and the blonde.

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