CHAPTER 31 - Subside Emotions

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It's true that the phantoms try to avoid the light. That's how we kept them away while we worked on the wall. However-

-The lights have turned into a neon sign pointing out we're here.

Not only that, but the lights doesn't actually kill the phantoms. It seems to just make them lose whatever form they're holding onto, which is why I think they avoid it.

"Are we gonna be able to deal with that?" Tyler asked out loud, addressing both himself and the group.

"Most of them will be distracted by the traps we set up." Ashlyn then stood up, contemplating her next steps.

I spent a month planning every little detail out,

Ashlyn's red hair gently swayed in the wind as she looked down at the group of ghosts with a slightly eerie expression. Y/N leaned back, looking over to see Ashlyn staring at the phantoms. She felt a sense of tension and took a deep breath to calm her nerves, closing her eyes.

And we've run simulations of the plan a million times. The Jeep is the first step to getting us out of this place and we're so close. After we've worked this hard...

...No way I'll let you scare us away.

"And hopefully, we will be ready when they attack us." Y/N said before climbing down from the wall, with the others following suit.

In this strange dimension, she felt like she was questioning her own existence due to the lack of logic. It may sound odd, but she even felt like she wasn't breathing the air. It was a peculiar sensation, to say the least. As she descended the wall, she had to first step onto the top of a school bus and then climb down a ladder to reach the ground. In those fleeting moments, she felt as though she had entered a fantasy world, but deep down she knew this was reality, not a fantasy. It was a nightmarish place, teeming with deadly creatures that sought to kill them every day. They had to rely on their survival skills from the real world to make it through. It was exhausting to the point where she just felt drained.

However, she didn't want that to hinder her. Her freedom was so close, and she didn't want to waste it by feeling mentally exhausted, even though that was a challenge for her. Even though she was struggling with exhaustion, she knew she couldn't give up now, especially when they had come so far.

"Alright, let's go over the plan one more time." Ashlyn was waiting for the others to catch themselves when a nervous voice interrupted her.

" are we uh- are we sure we want to do this?" Taylor hesitated, expressing some doubts about the plan, even though everything was already prepared and ready.

"...what?" Ashlyn was taken aback by the question and seemed genuinely confused by the reply.

"I mean- y'know, m-maybe just staying in the graveyard every night wouldn't be... so bad, right? Especially with the lights up... couldn't we just hide here? Till the seven hours are up."

Logan responded, "I-I like that idea..."

"Are you serious...?" she asked in disbelief. "I thought you guys wanted to get out of here? And now you're saying you don't mind being trapped here for the rest of our lives?" Ashlyn looked at the group, but they remained silent. She turned her head and looked at Tyler. "And you, why are you being so quiet? You're the one who threw a fit wanting to go to Savannah, so why are you so passive about it now?" He flinched, knowing she was directing that comment towards him.

Tyler then argued back, annoyed. "That was before we knew about the light and before there was a horde of those things right outside the door!I'm not saying we should stop trying to find a way out- just maybe not with this particular plan. We don't even really need guns anymore, right?"

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