CHAPTER 9 - Monster

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The group arrived at the Sorrel house, and upon entering the chill came back. Y/N wasn't sure why this place was giving her the chills. There was a slight tug in the breeze that was stopping her from going in. However, it soon came to a complete halt a second later. Not understanding what had just happened she decided to ignore it and to catch up with the group.

"Welcome to the sorrel weed house! "The lady gave a very warm welcome to the group. "So, this is the foyer. Most everything in the house is original with the exception of the furniture and the paint on the wall." She showed them the entranceway to the house before moving elsewhere where to an old painting.

"This is the Francis Sorrel library and the man you see in this portrait is Robert E. Lee. Lee was a dear friend of Francis who visited the sorrel house quite often. In the winter of 61-62, just before the Great War, General Lee used this room as his office. As far as spooky activity goes, this room seems to be the most calm. Not to say that there isn't any ghostly activity in here, but out of the entire house, I'd say it's milder-"

Suddenly, her phone rang loudly before she could finish her sentence, "Ah...I'm so sorry, this is my emergency phone." She then took her phone and answered the caller, but before she could respond to the person she spoke to the group. "I have to get this. I'll be right back. Continue looking around if you want but don't touch anything." Then she left.

"Well, that's super professional." Tyler is obviously sarcastic about it.

"I-I don't think that's professional..." Logan replied as he stood beside the tempered boy.

"I was being sarcastic."


Y/N sighs, " Well then, what are we supposed to do now?"

"Eh an emergency is an emergency," Taylor replied while shrugging her shoulder. "It'll be more fun to explore on our own anyway!"

Things were about to go down, and Y/N knew that it wasn't going to go well. The group soon started to explore the house, seeing interesting things while in slight awe. Logan took some pictures of a couple of interesting things that caught his eye, and as for Taylor, the explorative girl took some videos as they all descended further into the place.

Y/N looked at every area around the house, but nothing seemed to have caught her eye. However, as she was looking around further she spotted Ashlyn in the distance hugging her arms together. Being curious, the girl decided to investigate.

"Hey, you okay?" Y/N asked, abit of worry shown on her face.

Ashlyn felt suddenly a warm hand touches her shoulder, causing her to turn around with a bit of shock, upon seeing who it was she slightly calmed down. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine." She turned her head back around before reaching for something in her ear, Y/N's hand remaining on her shoulder.

"Why is she wearing earplugs?" Tyler asked from the distance.

"Ah! I thought they were wireless earbuds?!" The blonde commented, loud enough that it made a slight echo, causing Ashlyn to wince as she covered her ear.

"Ow." Ashlyn glanced at the two boys. "They're earplugs. I wear them because of my sensitivity to..." She trailed off her, her expression changed  quickly, "....sounds."

"Oops. My bad. I thought they were for music."

Y/N still kept her hand on the girl's shoulder, though she noticed that Ashlyn seemed more focused on something else. Her attention was caught looking into the distance, staring with surprise and horror.

'She's tense, I felt it. Though what's got her so scared all so suddenly?' Thought the H/C girl.

"Oh, that room looks cool!" Taylor said, looking at one in the distance. Her attention was diverted upon seeing Ashlyn, who looked terrified. "You alright Ashlyn? You look pale."

Ashlyn took a shaken deep breath before placing her earplugs back in her ears. "I'm fine."

After that settled down, the group continued with the tour. Y/N felt it was now best to let go of the girl's shoulder since she seemed a bit calm, but still kept an eye on her. Suddenly, the group came to a stop upon seeing something so horrifying ahead behind the redhead.

They all stared at the thing hovering over the girl while she seemed not to notice it yet. It was then that the redhead realized it went quiet that she turned her head, only did she see their reaction of pure horror.

"A-Ashlyn..." Logan stammered, his words trembling as he tried to tell the girl about the scary creature hovering over her.

Y/N found that Logan was moving too slow for Ashlyn to even react, though as much as she was scared to say anything she quickly alerted the redhead.


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