CHAPTER 10 - Thick Tension

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Y/N's shout startled the redhead, who turned around to see the danger approaching. Unbeknownst to the group, the creature they saw was the same one Ashlyn had been seeing since she was young. It had been following her ever since she ventured further into the house. Ashlyn pulled her hand away just in time to avoid serious injury, but the mysterious entity still managed to scratch her arm, a detail only noticed by Y/N.

Upon the sudden tug, she fell back on her butt with a shocked expression. Everyone stood there in utter horror, some wondering and questioning the same thing about what just occurred right before their eyes as they tried to process the situation. While the others were panicking, Y/N stood there spacing out with a slightly surprised expression evident on her face, her mind trying to process what just happened.

'I am at a loss for words...' Despite being loss for words, Y/N began questioning the possible solution of the situation.

The group still kept questioning the situation, scared it might show up again.

"What was it?" Taylor kept looking frantically around her to make sure it wasn't near as she was scared it might come back.

"I-I don't see it anywhere." Logan stuttered nervously as well as about the sight he just witnessed.

"One of the ghosts maybe?" Aiden said causally.

Tyler became increasingly frustrated while others discussed the possibility. He found it hard to believe what he saw, but he shrugged it off out of frustration, not wanting to accept it.

"Are you guys dumb?" Tyler was annoyed at Aiden's ridiculous claim. "Ghosts aren't real. This is just some stupid prank."

"A prank?"

"Obviously. A group conveniently cancels a reservation, and our guide just happens to have an excuse to leave? Then when we're all alone in a 'haunted' house we have a scary encounter. Immediately after said "scary encounter" the thing just disappears before we can confirm or touch it?"

He dismisses it, saying, "Yeah right. This is definitely a setup for reaction video to make money. They probably have cameras and a projector hidden somewhere."

Y/N questioned, "So you're saying that we were in a video and what we saw was fake? How can you claim that when we all saw it disappear right before our eyes?"

"Well explain how the fact that it hasn't laid a scratch on us. it's proof to show it's not real." He crossed his arms while making his claim.

"Wait, did they not see how it scratched her arm? Am I the only one who noticed?" Y/N looked over at the redhead, who was still on the ground, confused by what was happening. "If there was a projector, shouldn't there have been a light where the video was being projected from? The light would have shone down on the ground or somewhere, but we didn't see any of that, did we?"

"Do you really believe what you saw so easily? Things don't just randomly disappear like that."

"I'm not saying I am, but the way we all saw it at the same time proves my point. Even though I find it hard to believe myself, the fact remains." Y/N wasn't sure how she became so good at expressing herself. She was just as confused as everyone else, yet she was able to articulate things like a pro, even though she had never encountered anything abnormal in her life.

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