CHAPTER 35 - Lowkey, Focus

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In Ashlyn's parents' room, Ben and Taylor were standing together. Ben was holding the keys to the car. Just as they were about to share their findings with the others, they heard a sudden gunshot that startled them.

Taylor asked in confusion and worry, "A gunshot??"

"Oh no-" Logan is now aware of the consequences of his actions as he turns his head to see the phantoms' attention focused on where he shot

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"Oh no-" Logan is now aware of the consequences of his actions as he turns his head to see the phantoms' attention focused on where he shot.

Tyler was outside helping Aiden climb onto the roof to rescue Ashlyn and Y/N. Suddenly, he saw two phantoms approaching. "Ah crap." Tyler hurried inside.

Y/N had been lying on the bricked roof on the other side of the steep slope just a few minutes ago. She only had a short amount of time to recover before she had to get up. She weakly sat up, using her arms to push herself up slightly.

"Everything hurts." She groaned as she flipped her body around, trying to climb. As she slowly pushed herself forward, she felt a cramp in her side, but she was determined to reach the top despite the pain. Finally, she successfully reached her goal, her hand grasping the top as she struggled to pull herself up. Turning her head, she saw the phantom next to her.

Ashlyn noticed this and quickly made her way over to the person, who was not too far away. Without saying anything, she hugged them tightly.

"A-Ashlyn?" Y/N could feel Ashlyn's face buried in her neck, her breath hitching in fear as she thought she might die.

"Just... what were you thinking, putting yourself in danger–"

Y/N interrupted, "Yes, I understand. I'm sorry," she said softly, finally accepting the embrace despite feeling shocked.

The atmosphere was filled with silence, their bodies trembling slightly. Despite the tension, a feeling of warmth and comfort enveloped them, easing away any fears with a safe and reassuring embrace. Before long, a familiar voice called out to them from a distance. Aiden, struggling to get up, saw the two and called out to them with gratitude once more.

"Ashlyn! Y/N!"

"Aiden??" The two girls said, surprised to hear him. Ashlyn turned her head and saw him in the distance walking towards them.

"You're okay!" He smiled, relieved that they were both safe.

"Define 'okay'." Ashlyn mentioned, "I think - no I definitely have a concussion." She then rubbed the back of her head. "And you, Y/N?"

"Everywhere… it hurts. That's all I can say."

Ashlyn was expecting that response, which only added to her worries.

She shook her head slightly and raised it back up, saying, "Also, I thought I told you to stay put." Y/N glared at the blonde. Aiden looked away nervously, knowing that she meant well by that.

Logan's voice came through the walkie-talkie suddenly. ["The- The phantoms are heading back toward the graveyard, and there's only 17 bullets left now!"]

Taylor said, ["Me and Ben are in the first room to the right up the stairs, we found the keys."]

Tyler commanded, ["Stay there, I'm coming up!"]

'Well, at least they have that...' Y/N thought to themselves, feeling relieved that this ordeal was finally coming to an end.

"Look like we need to hurry." Aiden said as he reached out his hand towards Ashlyn. "Here."

Without any acknowledgment, the phantom that was right beside Y/N somehow managed to clamp onto her camouflaging uniform with its sharp claws. In the midst of this, Ashlyn then released her hold from the girl and reached out towards Aiden. However, just as she did this, the phantom that clung on Y/N's sleeve started sliding down.

"Y/N!" Ashlyn turned her head and saw her falling down. She tried to grab her hand, but missed.

'Nononononono!' The girl frantically scrambled to catch a grip, but she couldn't grab hold of anything with the pace she was moving.

Aiden jumped down and used his pickaxe to grip the top. He then grabbed Ashlyn's waist with his free hand. Together, they managed to grab Y/N before she could fall. Ashlyn held onto Y/N's arm while Aiden helped her get a better grip on both of them, using the axe he had attached to the roof to prevent them from sliding off.

He chuckled, "Haha... I got you this time..." with a grin, as his headlight fell off his head.

The girl's eyes widened in surprise as she saw Aiden struggling to hold something. She looked back at Ashlyn and saw worry in her eyes, clearly caught off guard by the unexpected situation. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ben stood in Ashlyn's parents' room, looking up at the loud noises coming from above.

"You hear the thumping and banging too right?" Taylor was a bit concerned, and Ben agreed with her. They both believed it was caused by a phantom.

"That's Aiden, Y/N and Ashlyn, probably." Tyler said as he entered the room, making the other two jump in fear. "And they need to hurry up because they are atleast two phantom outside the door."

Taylor and Ben exchanged confused and shocked looks. Taylor hurried over to the only window in the room with a worried expression.

"Aiden? Y/N? Ashlyn?" She looked around, turning her head to find them. "Guys??" she called out, and soon spotted them near the open window. When she turned her head in the other direction, she suddenly saw them, causing her to jump in surprise. "Woah?!"

"... we need help." Aiden pleaded, struggling to keep hold of Ashlyn and Y/N. They were pressed against each other on the other side of the pillar, leaning on each other for support. Aiden had his arm around Ashlyn, who in turn had her arm around Y/N.

Logan nervously watched from the wall as more phantoms appeared below. He noticed a shift in their behavior when they spotted Aiden and Y/N still on the roof. Quickly changing direction, they started rushing towards the house.

"Ah- wait!!" He became alert and quickly took out his walkie-talkie. ["Guys, the phantoms are  running in your direction! From what I can see, there's about 20 of them!"]

"Lovely. We need to leave, immediately!" He helped Y/N inside before Aiden, who insisted on going last. Tyler saw how hurt Y/N was and put his arm around her to support her as he guided Aiden inside.

"Here Ben, hand me the keys please. Ty, you should carry Ashlyn, and Ben you can carry Aiden. I'll help support Y/N with her condition. And since Ashlyn isn't in the condition to drive anymore, I will-" Before Taylor could finish her sentence, a loud crash of glass shattering was heard from downstairs.

'That is definitely a bad sign.'

I wonder why I still feel motivated even though I said I was taking a break

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I wonder why I still feel motivated even though I said I was taking a break. 😮‍💨 Oh well, I suppose I'll continue updating until I run out of ideas.

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