CHAPTER 30 - It's Time

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D/N was a professional in the field when he was a militant. He spent most of his time in the field and was slightly overprotective. Because of this, he decided to teach his daughter self-defense at a young age. He started training her when she was nine, two years after her mom passed away. He wanted her to be safe, so he taught her various self-defense techniques and even some recovery tips.

She put in effort and quickly learned everything he taught her, including medical health and how to use products for injuries. Y/N's dad approved of Ashlyn's plan, but he wanted to meet Ashlyn's parents first to greet his new neighbors. Despite not knowing many people in the area, he was supportive of his daughter making friends.


Ashlyn's parents, Y/N, and D/N were seated at the table. Her dad was leading the conversation, aiming to have a heartfelt discussion with the parents.

"I have to warn you, she is very skilled at what she does and she might even leave some marks on you." He chuckled.

"Dad... Please, don't joke about that." Y/N felt a bit  embarrassed and concern.

Both of Ashlyn's parents, Mike and Emma, nervously chuckled and exchanged side glances with each other.

"I'm happy that my daughter is making friends." He playfully tousles her hair and smiles at her. "I'm really proud of you."

"Ah-Stop it! You're going to mess up my hair," Y/N said, trying to stop her dad from playing with her hair. She grabbed his wrist and tried to push it away, but she couldn't help but form a small smile at his playful antics. She looked at her dad with softened eyes, her gaze displaying with affection.


Currently, the group was at Ashlyn's graveyard receiving training from her parents. They were all struggling, except for Y/N who was already quite skilled. Y/N was currently practicing with Ashlyn's mom while Tyler was practicing with Mike.

"Woah!" Y/N skillfully avoided an incoming attack. 'She's really good and doesn't seem to be holding back at all.' She thought as she dodged the attacks effortlessly.

Y/N successfully dodged the woman's attacks and was able to inflict some damage on her as well. The woman ended up with scratches and small bruises, while Y/N only had minor injuries. Y/N could see the struggle on the woman's face as sweat dripped down. Just when Emma thought she had caught Y/N off guard by grabbing her collar, Y/N anticipated her move and countered by grabbing her arm, twisting it slightly, and knocking her down by kicking her feet. This made Y/N the winner of today.

Emma huffed as she tried to catch her breath, but she still managed to smile. "Wow, your dad wasn't kidding. You're really good! Keep it up because I'm impressed. You might even have to teach me your moves," she said, causing Y/N to feel slightly flattered. Y/N smiled a bit before helping Mrs. Banner get back on her feet and then called out for Ben.

She quietly said, "Thanks…" in response to the compliment, feeling grateful. She then approached Ashlyn, who was watching her performance with admiration.

As soon as Y/N sat down, Tyler finished his harsh beating. With the help of Mike, he managed to get back on his feet.

"Alright Logan, your up next." Mike said as Logan took a deep breath, feeling scared. Logan walked onto the field while Tyler approached the two girls.

"Your dad's brutal." Tyler placed a hand on his head, looking down slightly, and briefly glanced at Y/N.

Ashlyn responded, "No one in the real world would take it easy on us, so he isn't going to either." Just as things quieted down, a loud crashing sound was heard, making a thud that caused them to jolt.

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