CHAPTER 34 - Traumatizing

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"ASHLYN!" Aiden's scream echoed in the area, catching the ears of the twins.

"What the-" Tyler muttered in surprise as he recognized Aiden's voice.

Taylor volunteered nervously, but Tyler responded.

"I'll go check-" Taylor nervously volunteered, but Tyler retorted.

"No, I will. You keep looking for the key!" He decided to go back downstairs, leaving Taylor standing alone at the stairway looking worried.

Back outside, Y/N quickly regained her balance and realized that Ashlyn was now in danger. She noticed that the music had stopped, indicating that the phantoms had found them. Realizing this, she knew she had to take action. Y/N took a deep breath to calm herself and turned to Aiden, who looked shocked and worried. Her heart was racing, but she focused on getting Ashlyn back. After steadying her trembling hands, she took a deep breath in through her mouth and out through her nose, then reversed the process. Finally, she took a running start, jumped onto the side rail, and began climbing onto the roof to rescue Ashlyn.

"Y/N!" He was afraid for her safety, so he called out when he saw her going up on the roof by herself. He didn't want to lose her, not like Ashlyn. Just the idea of losing someone he cared about didn't feel right to him, and he was aware of that.

"Aiden, please stay here. You need to rest and recover from your injury, so please don't move." Y/N managed to climb up there using parkour.

After regaining her balance, she quickly looked around for Ashlyn. Suddenly, she heard voices above her and saw Ashlyn fighting against a phantom on the steep rooftop. Without hesitating, Y/N climbed up the roof and kicked the phantom away to free Ashlyn. Although her attack wasn't entirely successful, it did manage to push the phantom back and release Ashlyn. Ashlyn was shocked and grateful to see Y/N coming to her rescue.

"Ashlyn, go now. I'll handle it!" When she looked back, she saw that Ashlyn's headlights were gone. This meant she didn't have much of a shield to protect her from any phantoms that might approach.

Ashlyn said in a serious tone, "Are you crazy? That's suicide!" To her surprise, Y/N wasn't backing down, which made her even more nervous.

At this moment, it was crazy actually to hear Ashlyn say that. It was the last thing she expected. It was tempting to laugh, but she held it in to avoid looking crazy. There was already one crazy person in the group, they didn't need another. However, Ashlyn was not wrong. Y/N knew the dangers now, but they had to act now or never. Even if she tried to back off, the danger would probably still follow them. With Ashlyn injured, she couldn't take that risk.

Even though she was nervous, she didn't want to give up. She knew that facing this challenge head-on was going to be difficult, but she understood the risks. When she reached for her weapon, she realized it was missing - she must have dropped it on her way here.

Well, she was in trouble now.

"A-Ash, do you have your crowbar with you? If you do, now is the time to use it." Y/N turned her head while still staring at the phantom, her eyes showing a mix of panic and nervousness.

The redhead glanced to her side to find her crowbar, but it was no longer there. "Not anymore."

Y/N is definitely in trouble. She was aware of the risks involved, but she never imagined it would end up like this!

"Well, I guess we're going old school." She turned on her headlight and got into a fighting stance, clenching her fists together and raising them up. She had never fought anything like this before, especially not a phantom, but she figured it was worth a shot - better to die trying. Quickly unhooking her flashlight from her waist, she tossed it to Ashlyn to use as a shield.

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