CHAPTER 6 - Request

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The day was finally over, relieving Y/N of her built up worry of being caught up in any unfortunate encounter, but now she can finally go home. While on her way she couldn't help but feel a slight chill in the air, though she ignored it since the weather was quite windy. However, that feeling wasn't going to be ignored forever.

Once inside, she could hear the voices of her father along with his parents chatting happily in the living room. Going further in the room she saw them playing a game of chess. Upon hearing the footsteps entering the room they all turned their attention. They both looked to have a fun time, her grandparents were on one side of the table as the board was laid out on the table. Her grandpa played as the white and her dad playing as the black.

"Oh, hey hunny!" Her dad warmly welcomed her back with a smile. "How was school? Did you make friends! Did anything exciting happen!" His expression beamed with joy and excitement.

This made her slightly chuckle at the sight, and while doing so she made her way towards the couch, sitting right beside him. Though, as much as she doesn't feel like answering those questions she reluctantly answered.

"It's was um, okay? Not much happened. Well, we do have this field trip, it's part of a group project we're doing." The thought of the field trip laid on her mind as she contemplated weither to get into detail about it.

"Oh, a field trip, really! On your first day too, Wow, that most be exciting. You must be lucky to have a class like that."

'Quite the opposite...' Thought the girl, she then recalled today, about meeting an oddly weird and annoying airhead boy who won't stop pestering her about being friends.

She lets out a sigh, leaning back on the chair for support of her behavior, all she wanted to do at the moment was to literally fall asleep. But seeing the family all together made her put that to a halt.

"So, mind telling what's it about, I'm sure it's something interesting."

"You're not wrong about that. Its actually about Savannah."

"Savannah?" Her grandma spoke, her voiced filled with a soft tone, it being filled with curiosity. "Oh, me and my husband visited there once, or was it twice?" She poundered, seemingly forgetton.

"Yes dear," Her grandpa replied as he placed his hand on her's, "we did, it was a lovely experience, it had lovely structure and had things from the old ages." He explained with a smile, recounting his fond memories.

"I see..." Y/N felt herself going deep in thought as she wondered if to tell them more about it. Though she wasn't really planning on attending, the talk from this morning came back to her mind.

"Dad, there's still more I have told you. Well, you see the thing is, we are going to Savannah, but it's over night." As she started explaining more about the trip and it's content, she could help but notice a smile of acknowledgment from her grandparents.

"Really! That sound amazing, I'm glad your decided to attend, it sound like you'll be getting a free vacation.

"Yeah..." The girl muttered, though her thoughts says otherwise, 'Its not a free vacation when all my free space will be ruined.'

For some time, Y/N and her caring family spent time together, enjoying and embracing every moment they have and share. Y/N felt a bit more relaxed then before, a soft yet light smile emerged on her face. In misfits of the joyful moment, her grandparents asked about school. Of course, it was awful, but she wasn't going to say that to them when they basically paid for her school and everything.

However, rather than saying how it was she explained how it went. So, she told them, and to her utter shock they found all of her misfortune encounters funny. Though as much as she wanted to say something about she didn't, instead she brushed it off and cherished her time with her loving family.

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