CHAPTER 4 - Regret

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Up ahead the bus could be seen approaching. This made Y/N slow her pace seeing as the bus doors were opening. She got on, but once inside a nightmare came to greet her.

'Ugh... it's so loud.' Regardless of that, she needed to find a seat, which was another problem. 'Where am I even supposed to sit when I don't see any?'

Scanning the bus, she couldn't find an empty seat anywhere. It seemed like all the seats were taken. Just when she thought she was out of luck, she noticed something. A girl with ginger hair was sitting by the window with a bag next to her, and luckily, there was only one seat taken.

'A seat! Finally…' Taking a deep breath Y/N walked over. "Excuse me." This caught the redhead by her attention. "Um, mind if I sit there?"

The pretty redhead girl looked at Y/N with a curious expression, lost in thought. Eventually, she moved her bag. Y/N felt relieved and sat in silence as the bus began to move. Despite the noise around her, she felt a sense of peace. Suddenly, a voice from behind the two girls broke the silence.

"Hey there!"

Y/N suddenly jumped up in fear, gasping in surprise. She turned around to see a boy with blonde hair smiling at her, which shocked her even more.

"Hi! I'm Aiden." He smiled, displaying his friendly demeanor.

'Are you kidding me? It didn't take long before things started going wrong.' Y/N had a rough start, dealing with noise and an annoying boy she didn't know.

She didn't want to join the conversation, so she turned around and ignored him completely. She didn't have a second to herself before she was interrupted while trying to grab her sketchbook. The blonde had different intentions.

"What's your name?" He kept invading her personal space, and Y/N was becoming exhausted by his persistent actions.

'Doesn't he know when to pick up on hints? I haven't said anything to him this entire conversation.' Y/N sighed, glancing back to see the blonde boy staring at her, waiting for a reply. "How does he not get it?" She sighed once more, feeling irritated and frustrated by the boy's persistence.



"Hm?" Aiden tilts his head in confusion.

"Y/N is my name."

"Oh, well that's a pretty cool name."


Y/N felt relieved when it suddenly became quiet, thinking that the person bothering her had finally left her alone.

"Well, as I said before, this is my cousin Ben."he said, pointing to his right.

Y/N murmured, "Um, okay," while looking at the two people sitting behind her with a neutral expression.

"Oh right, have you met my new friend?" He points to the girl that you met earlier. The girl flinches at the sound of his voice.

'What's with the jolt? Does she know him, or she is like me?' She recalls how many times Aiden has tried to befriend her. Suddenly, she notices a subtle change in the girl's behavior as Aiden continues to talk. 'Now that I think about it, that might be the reason...'

"We also just moved here a few weeks ago from Virginia." Aiden kept talking about being new in town and discussing things that Y/N had no interest in.

At this moment, Y/N was feeling annoyed. The conversation had been dragging on for too long, and all she wanted was some peace. She didn't bother hiding her disinterest, but he seemed oblivious to her lack of engagement. It was obvious she had no desire to talk to him, but he didn't seem to notice. Despite her efforts to avoid him, he was sitting right behind her, talking about things she didn't care about. She wished she had brought headphones.

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