CHAPTER 17 - Mentally Stressed

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After that day, that 'Innocent' little field trip had left the group scarred. Time had passed and since then Y/N hadn't heard her mystery so-called, 'Savior' voice after that incident which puzzled her as it only led to her building her continuous theories. It all just didn't make sense to her.

Y/N sat there thinking about the possibilities of the dream she had on the day on the field trip of the mysterious voice perfectly guessing her name, it could've just been because they were in her mind where she had many things about herself kept in there. However, to her, it didn't feel like a fluke, instead, it felt like they were almost hiding something.

'My head can't wrap around this.' Y/N shook her head while at the point of being stressed out. She currently had things she couldn't wrap around all in her head as she was left wondering why something so bizarre was happening to her.

A sigh escaped her lips, which was evident in the girl's exhaustion as the bags seen underneath her eyes were still spotted.

"I still think we should go back to Savannah," Tyler spoke, his firm manner caught everyone's attention once again. Although tired he still kept a serious look on his face.

"...Alright." Ashlyn groaned while rubbing her head off the topic. "Let's take some time to think on it again and have the group vote later tonight."

"Why not after school?"

"Because I have ballet class today."

"So what? Skip it."

"I can't join you guys, just letting you guys know," Y/N said nonchalantly as she looked up at the two while also not specifying what exactly.

The reason was earlier after the field, she had told her father of scheduling an appointment of getting to see a therapist. This news had taken him by surprise as he'd never expected her to be willing enough to even see one. Despite his shock, he couldn't help but feel proud to know she wanted change that would help her improve herself in the future. Even after seeing her rejoiceful father, she was glad that her dad was happy. 

Still, she couldn't help but feel it would not have been the best to even see a therapist because of the possibilities. However, she didn't care anymore, since seeing her father happy made her reconsider. Her purpose for even getting one is because of the overwhelming pressure she has been getting. Not only can she not tell her family of this she now has to live with this endless cycle if they don't have a solution. Even so, she just needed to get this out of her chest by ranting and possibly getting some advice on the situation.

"Uh, Ty... We have stuff to do after school too." Taylor added, "You have baseball practice and I have a mechanics meeting."

The two twins then looked over at Logan, "... I um, I have to help with the flower shop today..." He said as his eyes glanced away.

"See? Logan's busy too." Taylor's points made Tyler annoyed, gritting his teeth as he tried holding back his frustration. "Even with what's happening, we can't just neglect school and our future. You need basketball. Let's just wait till tonight-"

"We aren't going to have a 'Future' if we're dead!" He exclaimed, his voice clear with anger.

"Let's try not to think that way. After all, we're going to come up with something eventually." Y/N said with a tired look in her eyes as she was trying not to fall asleep in this serious moment.

Ashlyn's gaze slightly shifted at Y/N as she glanced at her with acknowledgment in her eyes before then turning her attention towards Tyler. "It's not just our future. If we drop everything to focus on fantasy-like events we can't prove, we're going to end up in a Psyche Ward."

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