CHAPTER 3 - Undecisive Thoughts

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Y/N had made it to lunch before the others and had already found a table for them to sit at. She waited for their arrival which they did a couple minutes later. The cafeteria echoed with noise, something she hated at the moment.

She had a headache that only grew slightly worse, and the cause of which was with all this noise. The others soon arrived at the table and they all sat there in complete silence.

Like, what were they supposed to say at this point?

The situation at hand just keeps getting worse and worse, mostly. The group was stuck in a different dimension with clearly no way out and would most likely keep having to do this for the rest of their life.

'One of us is going to die soon if we don't do anything.' Thought Y/N with a dazed expression, and just as she thought of something.

Tyler suddenly spoke, causing her to snap out of her thoughts. This caught the group's attention, including hers.

"I think we should go back to Savannah." Said a tired Tyler, but also in a serious manner.

"I thought everyone agreed it was too dangerous...?" Logan asked, a slight sweat emitted from his face.

"So what? We're just supposed to let things stay like they are?"

Ashlyn replied to his question, "I'd rather be semi-stuck than permanently stuck."

"Well maybe if you would have told us the truth from the beginning, we wouldn't be stuck at all!" Tyler argued.

While this was happening in a cafeteria, where Y/N could feel at least sense some glances pointing at their table. She was annoyed by how ridiculous he was to shout and be so loud at this point.

"I already explained why I didn't-"

Aiden came cutting in the conversation, "Aren't you the one to talk." He said as he held a French fry in hand. "You're the one that brushed it off as a prank and walked off. He stated.

"If she had said anything, would you have even believed her?" With a mocking grin he said, "With your personality, I seriously doubt it."

Enraged, Tyler slammed his hands on the table. "Whether I would have believed it or not she should have said something!"

In the meantime, Y/N fought the urge to tell him to shut up. However, she didn't have the strength in her voice to do so since it still felt sore. She had to clench her hands to compose herself. However, there was a limit to that.

"Now we're stuck in some demonic dimension, running away from flesh-eating deadly creatures, I've lost count how many near-death experiences I've had, none of us have slept in days, we can't tell our parents or any-"

Right as he was about to continue with his Y/N stood up, slamming her hands on the table making the group startled and look at her in surprise.

"Tyler if you keep doing this, you'll be causing a bigger scene." She had to force herself to speak, holding a finger to her mouth to indicate him to be quiet.

He realized this and the two took a seat, but that didn't stop him from continuing.

"If we don't go back to Savannah where this cycle begun..." Tyler said with a much slightly lowered tone, "Then what are we supposed to do?"

It was silent. They all knew he was right, but they knew dangerous. Even though he was mostly right, they kept their thoughts to themselves.

'Even so, it's a risk to take. Since Savannah was the source of all this, it could bring us back to how things were before. But, I feel have a feeling it isn't going to be easy. Though, should we really-?'

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