CHAPTER 8 - Strange Feeling

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It's a long chapter, but I feel it would be worth it if you continued reading. I'm so glad that all of you found my writing good, even if it might not make sense, thank you!

The day of the field trip arrived and Aiden kept his word to leave her alone throughout the week, which she was thankful for. However, throughout the week she could see Aiden still pestering Ashlyn about going on the trip. She did feel slightly sympathetic for her but decided to not intervene since she didn't want him on her back as well.

Y/N carried a medium-sized bag filled with some of her clothes and necessary items for the class trip. Extra pair of clothing, pajamas, her sketchbook, her cell phone, and other necessary things. Standing right underneath a tree was her listening to music while keeping an eye out for the remaining of her group to arrive.

In the distance were her class along with her group at the bus seemingly planning, talking, waiting, or making sure they had everything for the trip. Logan was on the phone with someone, and Taylor was with her brother Tyler, pleading for the bag he had over his back.

'Where are they?' Y/N was still waiting for the three arrivals namely Ashlyn, Ben, and Aiden.

However, a few seconds later they finally arrived, walking towards the bus, followed by Y/N knowing that everyone was accounted for. Right after, Mr. Thomas announced that the bus would fill up and would be leaving in five minutes.

Everyone began boarding the bus, they all took their seat as Aiden and Ashlyn sat together, Ben and Logan, and the twins. As for Y/N, she had a free seat, sitting right behind Ben and Logan. The two boys sitting in front of her didn't bother her since she avoided them, and thankfully they didn't talk to her. She sat in silence, ready to find solace in her sketchbook, though as she was preparing herself Mr. Thomas spoke.

"Okay everyone, I'm sure you already know, but I'm going to go over today's schedule one last time. It takes eight hours to get to Savannah." He then glanced over his watch in the process of his explanation.

"In about four hours, around noon, we'll stop to get something to eat. Once we get to Savannah, you and your groups will have two hours to eat, go on tours, look at historical monuments, explore the area, goof off, etc. After, we'll all meet back up at the bus and head to motels."

"Everyone who has a phone has added Mr. Lee's, Mrs. Sarah's, and my number correct?" Mr. Thomas asked while showing the two other teachers sitting beside each other in the first row.

"Yes." The class replied in unison.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!"

Y/N sighed in relief knowing it was over, looking down at her sketchbook she wondered to herself. She stared at it for quite some time before deciding what to draw. A massive circle was then drawn on the book with there being two lines over the circle, one going vertical and horizontal. She continued doing more lines and circles until the right amount was needed.

After which, she starts smudging some parts of the drawn areas to give it more light shading as well as feel, making the drawing look more realistic. While on the road, the pencil in the girl's hand slipped, rolling on the ground underneath the seat of Ben and Logan.

"Shoot!" Attempting to reach it, she got on her knees and crouched down, stretching her hand underneath she managed to hold it a few times, but in the end, it proved futile since it just kept slipping further under the seat. She grew annoyed, and thinking quickly she decided to change tactics.

"Um, hey Ben." He turned his head in response upon hearing the familiar voice of Y/N.

'Oh lord, how do I- um-' She stared at his brown as he watched with an almost expression, but deep down he was just confused and concerned about what was wrong. "Could you- maybe, can you get my pencil that's by your foot." He nodded his head slightly, he reached down, grabbing the pencil and handed it to the H/C girl.

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