CHAPTER 2 - Dimension Problems

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The group is in a worsening situation as they are all trapped at the back of the bus with a phantom blocking their escape route. Y/N tried to come up with a plan to help them, but unfortunately, they kept hitting dead ends.

"Can we open the back door?" Ashlyn asked the group while glancing back.

"It's blocked!"

Logan stuttered, shedding tears and fearing for his life, asking, "W-What do we all do?"

"We could either try going through one of the windows or–" The blonde boy interrupted Y/N's suggestion with an unnecessary comment in this type of situation.


Y/N was annoyed by Aiden's behavior. Everyone exclaimed in panic and annoyance, "Aiden!"

The phantom didn't wait long before lunging towards the group with its mouth open and claws out. The group screamed in horror as it rushed towards them. They closed their eyes, preparing for the worst. But then, something unexpected happened. Logan's watch suddenly beeped, and they all disappeared right before the phantom's eyes, leaving it very confused.

Upon waking up, Y/N jolted upright in bed, drenched in a cold sweat. Her body was trembling, and she had a shocked expression on her face as she gasped for air, having held her breath during the intense moment. Peering out the window, she saw that the night sky had returned to its usual appearance.

Y/N looked around and realized she was back in her room. She sighed in relief while putting a hand on her head and processing the fact that she was almost about to die.

"What a relief…" Y/N let out a sigh of relief before her phone started buzzing with texts from the others. She quickly grabbed her phone to read the messages.

LOGAN FIELDS - Everyone okay?


YOU Totally...

AIDEN CLARK - Lol, that was close.

YOU – I seriously think you need to go get therapy.

But yeah, you don't say.

TAYLOR HERNANDEZ - Physically yes.

TYLER HERNANDEZ - Mentally no.

BEN CLARK - Did anyone finish the homework?

Feeling frustrated, Y/N glanced at her incomplete assignment across the room. Fed up, she collapsed onto her bed with a groan, burying her face in a pillow. The assignment was already a mess, so what was the point of trying to finish it?

She didn't want to deal with homework, which was causing her the most stress at the moment. She had just barely survived another close call. Ignoring the text messages flooding her phone, she decided to take advantage of the little time she had left to rest.


Y/N woke up to another day feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, with bags under her eyes showing the lack of sleep. Ever since she decided to join the trip, she and the others had been experiencing strange dreams that kept them in a weird dimension for hours before returning to reality. This constant cycle left them all feeling tired at the end of it.

Time in that place is very different from what Logan is used to. Because of this, Logan always sets a timer (as he is the only one with a watch) for the next seven hours to ensure he knows the correct time, since time moves differently in that other dimension.

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