CHAPTER 12 - Idea

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The three terrified girls finally made it out of the room and into the living room. Upon their arrival, they came across a familiar voice entering their room.


"Ty?!" Upon noticing her brother Taylor rushed into his arms. A single tear threatened to fall as she engulfed him in a tight hug.

"Oh so it was them. Why are they running?" A voice Y/N couldn't forget spoke, and looking where the voice came from she noticed the sight of Aiden, Ben, and Logan at the doorway of their room.

"Something..." Y/N said, slightly out of breath, "I don't know what but, we have to leave, NOW!" She said in a hurried tone.

"What's going on?!" Tyler demanded, still holding his sister in his arms.

"Something's in the-" Ashlyn didn't finish as she sensed something, turning in a fright she and the the others then caught sight of the creature from the girls' room slowly entering the living room.

The group stood there in silence, staring at the creature for some seconds with widened eyes.

Ashlyn spoke once more, but in a slight whisper, "...go-" Suddenly it lunged towards them making her resort to yelling, "-go go go!" She continued as it was an obvious sign to leave the room.

The group left the room in a hurry, leaving Ashlyn the last to leave before slamming the door shutting at the last second. The tension began to arise in the group as the phantom started to scratch the door, causing an unsettling atmosphere in the group. Not only did this make the group terrified it rendered them speechless momentarily.

Despite the tension Logan spoke shakily, "W-What is this thing?" He trembled, it being evident that he was beyond terrified.

"Obviously a monster." Y/N replied as she tilted her head to the side slightly with her arms crossed while noticing the sky's red color, making her arch a brow at this changed setting.

"Correction, Y/N." Aiden turns his head towards Tyler with a close-eye smile. "According to Tyler, that would be a "prank" from earlier today." Aiden words made Tyler irk.

Y/N shifts her attention towards the group. "Well, considering it's the real deal there's no need for an argument."

Ah!" Tyler looked at Taylor upon hearing her suddenly gasping -like she had forgotten something while Taylor on the other hand realized.

"Sarah and Emma are still in there!" Taylor exclaimed in worry, surprise evident on her face as she realizes it.

This sparked the H/C-haired girl's interest to look her way seeing that she looked genuinely concerned for their safety.

"I don't think they're in there. They would have come out of their room or at least yelled." Said the redhead.

"Actually now that Ash mentions it," Aiden says while tilting his head, "It's kinda weird that no one at all has come outside after all the screaming and banging." He said, making Y/N come to the realization.

"Right, how come no one is out of their room?" Y/N added, glancing in Aiden and Ashlyn's direction, and upon doing so she noticed that the handle of the door slowly wiggling open.

When things looked like it was going to go wrong Ben, our hero luckily grabbed the handle out of fear, shutting it tight while keeping ahold of the door. As Ben closed the door, Ashlyn had jolted away slightly at his fast moves.

"That could've been bad. Haha." Aiden joked, making Tyler enraged.

"Could've?" Tyler said with irritation hinting in his voice. "Stop taking this as a joke! It's been bad! The sky is red for crying aloud!!" He yelled, showing the group where he was getting at by pointing in the direction of the sky.

Y/N's attention by that time had already gone back towards Taylor, but as it did she noticed the fear in her eyes. Taylor's face was filled with horror upon looking down at the street. Being curious, Y/N decided to investigate, and upon doing just that she froze with shock.

"Well whining about it isn't gonna do anything." The blonde said.

"And laughing about it is?!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Guys..." Taylor trembled, "...Look down..." Her eyes never leave the ground.

As instructed, the others looked down with horror, except for Ben, who remained holding onto the door for their safety. Upon looking down, they saw tons of those same creatures on the street, staring at them with a disturbing smile as the group shivered in fear. The phantoms on the street then took notice of the group and started to charge in their direction.

"How far is your room?" Ashlyn asked as she stood beside Aiden.

"About 5 or 6 doors down?"

Ashlyn began to think, many thoughts and ideas coursing her mind as for her next course of action. From hearing the running of the phantoms to the scratches coming from behind the door she then noticed the pole beside Ben, finally concluding with an idea.

"Aiden give me string from your shorts." Ashlyn then started to untie the string from her pants.

"Kay? Why?" Aiden questioned.

"I have an idea."


(Hello, I just wanna say sorry for keeping you all waiting. I know most of you expect me to post this sooner rather than later. However, Due to my lack of motivation popping up and leaving I was having a hard time continuing writing this book, but I pushed through and hope this will satisfy you. Also, I'd like to thank all of you so much for the 1k views😭😭, it makes me happy knowing people are getting interested and inspired by other creators of these books that we make. Thank you so much!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter because there will be much more to see later on. Another thing, if there are any sort of mistakes I'm sorry. I read through this and fixed some things to make more sense in it. Even so, I hope you enjoy the book regardless. 😊)

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