CHAPTER 7 - The Banners Residence

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Everyone gathered around the table to discuss the trip, but there was one seat short. In a kind gesture, Ashlyn's mother offered her seat to Y/N instead. Y/N initially refused, as it is common for people to decline such offers. However, the woman insisted and was firm in her decision to give up her seat.

"It's okay, I can just stand," Y/N reassured her. However, the woman was persistent in offering the seat, so Y/N didn't argue any further. They were just being nice to their guest. "Um, thank you, miss," Y/N said as she then took the seat, sitting beside the empty seat that belonged to Ashlyn.

"Why did I have to get dragged in this mess?" She pondered, feeling a twinge of regret. The girl reflected on her decision not to accompany Aiden on his mission to convince Ashlyn to go on the field trip.


"Come on, it will be fun!" The blonde boy in front of her, named Aiden, kept annoyingly pestering Y/N to come along. He had been doing this for a while now.

Y/N is surprised that she hasn't lost her temper with the stranger who unexpectedly showed up at her house and invaded her personal space for a reason she doesn't care about. It's only been since she met this boy, and his recent actions have pushed her to the edge. She has tried to be polite and subtly hint that she wants him to leave, but it seems like he is determined to make a difference in her life, even if they both don't realize it. At this moment, he is really starting to annoy her.

"Aiden, can you please pick up on the hint already?" Y/N muttered quietly as she gazed at him. "I just met you and that girl today! I hardly know anything about either of you, and now you're already asking me to go to her house to convince her to join the trip. I don't understand why you're so insistent on inviting me instead of her."

"Pretty much, yeah."

At this moment, she simply wanted to question him about this absurd situation. She wondered why it mattered if she attended the meeting. Why was he so concerned about whether Ashlyn went or not?

If she did, great for her, but Y/N couldn't comprehend why she had to be part of it. Was it because she sat next to Ashlyn on the bus, or because she was associated with him?

She truly had no clue.

"Do you realize that this is just a group project? This is just a group project, you know? If she doesn't want to come, let her be. You can't force someone to go somewhere they don't want to, like you're trying to do to me," she said with a slight frown. "She already told you she doesn't want to go, and you need to accept that.

Aiden said with a slight smirk, "So you were listening, that explains why I caught you by the door."

Y/N sighed, not bothering to explain her reason for hiding from him. "Why do you want me to come when we just met? Do you have attachment issues or something?" She then waited for a response from the blond, placing a hand on her hip, but the answer she received was far from logical.

He paused, placing a hand on his neck and avoiding eye contact as he searched for a response. "I'm not sure," he said. "But I do know that I have fun when I'm with you!" He shrugged, a smile appearing on his face.

Y/N was taken aback by what he just said. 'So, you're saying that harassing me is fun for you?' Her eye twitched slightly as she thought this. "Are you serious? How can you enjoy someone's company when you've just met them?" Y/N stared at him, noticing a smile on the blonde's face as he stood there without answering the girl's question.

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