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Two and half months later Shannon and Julie are knee deep in the Dolce remodel. They don't want to loose customers so they've set up a tent and tables in the parking lot. The customers don't seem to mind and are excited to see what Shannon and Julie are gonna come up with specially since Chelsea and her hubby are staying on as part of the staff. Lucky for Shannon the band won't start their first solo tour till next year and although they are scheduled to perform random shows he'll still have plenty of time to devote to the remodel. When we are not busy with the twins Jared and I stop by and help. Poor Julie's been exhausted lately between Cafe Jewels and the Dolce remodel she's been running on fumes, she hasn't been eating much and that worries me. We're going over decor layouts and getting orders ready for multiple customers, she delivers the orders while I make us something to eat. Usually she loves my cooking but between the food and the paint fumes she starts to turn 50 shades of pale. She makes a mad dash for the bathroom S:"Oh God not again!" I look at him quizzically as I run after him. S:"Jewels, baby you ok?" Me:"Again? How long has she been like this and why didn't you tell me?" S:"A couple of weeks and she asked me not to, she didn't want to worry you" Me:"Oh God Jewels, open the door mama" she opens the door and walks into Shannon's embrace, and he kisses the top of her head S:"You ok love" J:"Yeah Baby just feel like death warmed up" Me:"Why didn't you say anything bug?" J:"You're so busy with work and the twins not to mention Jared and the band, I just didn't want you to worry" tears begin to fill my eyes Me:"Ju Ju Bean, you're my sister of course I'm gonna worry" she lets go of Shannon long enough to hug me Me:"I love you" J:"I love you too" I kiss her cheek and let her go back to Shannon why don't you lay down in the office while I make you some tea" J:"I'd love that bug, thank you" one last hug and she heads into the office with Shannon while I go back to the brewing station and start on her tea.

I decide to make her something light to eat so she can get some food in her stomach I'm just about done setting up her tray when Shannon joins me S:"You must be psychic, I was just about to ask you to make her something to eat. Thanks babe I appreciate it" He gives me a weak smile Me:"You ok" a choked up sob escapes him S:"She's so strong and healthy, I've never seen her like this ........ I'm scared" I pull him into a tight hug, the last time I saw him this worried I was pregnant with the....... tears leave my eyes Me:"I know babe so am I ....." I take a deep breathe before I continue "..... what else has she been feeling?" S:"She's been light headed, nauseas and really tired. You don't think she caught something in Cuba do you?" Me:"No..... No of course not, I'm sure she's fine Shan" he studies me for a few seconds and his face lights up S:"Do you think she might be...... I mean in New York we thought you.... is it possible" Me:"I think so, I mean...... yes it's possible...... wait would you be ok if she was?" S:"Yes... Yes, of course, I'd rather she be pregnant than sick" I experience a sudden case of déjà vu Me:"Hmm.... where have I heard that before" we both can't help but giggle we wipe our tears and we take the tray into Julie who's sound asleep on the couch he places the tray on the desk and let's her rest.

She's right about being busy with the twins they're now 8 months old and crawling going on running. when they're not in their walkers they're standing on they're chubby little legs while they hold on to the furniture. The following day Julie takes the day off ..... Shannon's orders. She fought it of course J:"Shannon I'm fine I'm sure it's nothing besides there's still a lot of work to do" S:"Babe I said no, I want you in bed you need to rest I don't want you getting any sicker than you already are" his voice saddens at that breaking her heart. J:"I love you so much" she takes his lips S:"I love you more sweetness, promise me you'll take care of yourself and try to eat" J:"I promise" S:"Nina's bringing the twins over a little later so you won't be by yourself and Jared is gonna be helping me at Dolce's so you have nothing to worry about." J:"Ok babe, you win. I'll be ok I promise" S:"I know baby, I love you" J:"I love you more" one last kiss and he's out the door. She gets up and showers, slips into comfy clothes and goes down stairs for some herbal tea and vegan muffins. She takes them back upstairs and climbs back into bed. She hated being bed ridden but she promised Shannon and a good liar she wasn't.

She's almost dozed off when Jared and I walk in with the twins. I put Emmy on the bed and she crawls right over, Julian is still fast asleep in Jared's arms. Julie:"Hey little bug where you going in such a hurry huh?" She pulls Emmy into her arms and covers her with kisses Jared:"How you feeling mama?" Julie:"Better...... now that these little angels and my sis are here" she tickles Emmy and she bursts into giggle fits. Jared hands Julian to me, Jared:"I better get going before Shannon sends out a search party for me" he caresses our son's sleepy little head and kisses his chubby little cheek Jared:"I love you little man, take care of mommy and sissy ok" he sits on the bed and gently pulls Emmy's leg Jared:"Come here..... " he lays her on her back and covers her belly in rasberries she giggles trying to push her daddy's head away "..... I love you sweet princess, be a good girl for mommy and auntie Julie" he kisses her chubby little cheek and comes back to me "Good bye sweet angel, I love you" Me:"Love you more" I sit in the bed with Julie and and my little angel stirs he looks at her with sleepy eyes and smiles, J:"Hey sleepy bug......... oh Nina they're so big and beautiful" Me:"Thank you bug maybe some day you'll have this with Shannon" J:" I'd love that much"

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