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The following day the boys hit the slopes while we enjoy a day at the spa, we get covered in something that smells like heaven but looks like tar, it's supposed to detox and rejuvenate our skin. We also enjoy a traditional facial complete with cucumbers and a coffee body scrub Me:"Mmm you know Shannon's gonna love that" J:"Oh yeah, too bad this stuff isn't edible I'd cover myself in it from head to toe and let him eat it up" Me:"Jewels!!!!" J:"Well you don't have to picture it" too late Me:"Oh God!" we both bust up laughing, Julie's hand goes underneath her belly J:"Ouch" I look at her quizzically Me:"Are you ok?" J:"I'm fine bug it just hurt when I laughed that's all" hmm I'm not to convinced but I let it go, hounding her will only upset her and upsetting her could cause her to go into labor. After a quick rinse it's time for a massage Me:"Mmmm we should do this more often" J:"I know right?" The masseuse kneads into our skin melting our stress away, the only other touch I've enjoyed as much has been Jared's. His hands are a gift, he knows exactly how and where to touch me, his touch is soft but deep enough to melt the tightest knots. I can hear Julie's deep breathing, she's rubbing her belly again M:"Are you ok miss?" J:"Mmm ....... yes I'm fine" M:"When are you due?" J:"Second week in January" Me:"Bug you sure you're ok" J:"Yeah, my belly's a little tight, that's all" Me:"How long have you been feeling it" J:"Since this morning" Me:"Did you tell Shannon" J:"It doesn't hurt and besides I didn't want to worry him" Me:"Julie that's how my labor started, the boys are up on the slopes how are we supposed to let them know if you are in labor" the last thing I wanted to do was worry her but truth is she might be going into labor J:"Nina ......I can't be's too early" Me:"By a week mama, remember two weeks before or after if he does come he'll be fine" M:"The lodge does have a medic on call, for obvious reasons. If you'd like I can call the manager so he can have him brought in." Me:"Yes please, could you?"

25 minutes later Julie is in a private room in the spa, as it turns out the manager's wife is an OBGYN so he called her in instead. After a preliminary exam she gives us her verdict Dr. Malone:"Ms.Sirac you're officially in the beginning stages of labor. You're dilated about two centimeters, if home isn't too far away I can call your doctor while you make arrangements to fly back home." J:"It's too early.... my baby" Dr. M:"Ms.Sirac typically when we give you your due it's actually an estimate of when we think your baby will be born, your actual delivery date can be up to two weeks before or after" that calms her nerves a bit. J:"So my baby will be ok if he's born today?" Dr. M:"Absolutely....... would you like me to find your husband?" Julie:"Yes please" Me:"Just one thing Dr. Malone Jared and Shannon are high profile we would appreciate your discretion" Dr. M:"Of course just give me their names and I'll have my husband locate them for you" while the Doctor places a call to her husband and Dr. Harris, I place a call to Marcus hopefully to secure the company jet to fly us back to L.A. The manager arranges for Jared and Shannon to be located on the lifts and be brought back to the spa as soon and as discreetly as possible. Dr. Malone also informs me that Doctor Harris will be waiting for us at the hospital when we get back.

Minutes later we can hear Shannon and Jared in the hallway S:"Julie! ....... JULIE!!!! J:"Shannon relax, we'll find her" Julie:"SHANNON!" Me:"I got it bug" I get up and open the door Me:"Guys! In here" S:"Nina! Where's my Julie, is she ok?" Me:"She's fine Shan, come in" Jared pulls me into his arms J:"What's going on Angel is she ok?" Me:"She's fine baby, we're just gonna need to cut the trip short" J:"Why what's going on?" S:"Julie what's wrong baby, is our little bear cub ok" he pulls her close and takes her lips and rubs her belly, his unborn son immediately reacting to his touch. Julie:"He's fine baby, he just decided to make his debut a little early" he looks at her confused S:"Baby I don't....." Then it begins to sink in, he gets on his knees in front of her and places his hands on either side of her belly and begins to talk to his son S:"Hey little bear what's the rush ........ you want to meet mommy and daddy already? I can't wait to hold you and teach you how to play the drums. Your uncle Jared once told me that one day you'd be mine and that I'd fall in love with you before you were even born and you know what, he was right. I love you so much sweet angel I can't wait to meet you" he kisses her belly as tears run down his cheeks and Julie's and ours. Julie runs her fingers through his hair as he rests his head on her belly J:"Shannon ...... I'm scared" S:"Don't be baby, I'm right here." he takes her lips S:"I'll always be here" Jared:"So this is really happening, she's really having the baby" Me:"Yeah baby she is. There's a private jet waiting to take us home so we'll need to go upstairs and pack." S:"Jared I'm sorry about the trip" Jared:"Shan no, you don't need apologize. This is your baby you would've done the same for me" Shannon pulls Jared into a tight bear hug "I love you little bro" Jared:"I love you too...... now let's get back to L.A. So you can welcome your son into the world"

We go upstairs and pack and make it back to the lobby in record time. The boys go and check us out while Julie and I wait for the the bell boy to take our luggage to the car. Julie's contractions are 35 minutes apart and are starting to get painful Julie:"Mmmm .......... Neen this hurts!" Me:" I know bug trust me I know we'll be home soon and you'll go to the hospital and get something for the pain" J:"You're coming with me right?" Me:"Of course baby doll, nowhere else I'd rather be" the boys take an eternity but finally rejoin us Jared:"The car is right outside we're just waiting on the bellboy" S:"You ok sweetness" Julie:"Yeah baby,but it's starting to hurt" He pulls her close and kisses her temple. Ten minutes go by and still no bellboy S:"What the hell is taking so long!" Me:"Screw this, we have to go" we starting picking up our own suitcases and bags and make our way through the lobby the bellboy catches up and offers his help S:"About time!!! What the fuck took you so ......" Julie's grip tightens on Shannon and she screams out in pain Julie:"Aaaah...... Shan....... Mmmm" she can barely catch her breath Me:"It's ok bug, look at me breathe...... That's its breathe" the contraction tappers off poor Shannon looks so helpless Me:"Shannon ....Babe look at me ......they're only gonna get worse I need you to focus" he nods weakly and we continue to walk. We're finally on the sidewalk our luggage is being loaded into the car I'm about to climb in behind Jared when Julie pulls me back. I look back at her and the color flushes from her face and is replaced with sheer panic Me:"What is it mama, what's wrong" Julie:"My water just broke"

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