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Shortly after her epidural was administered we received and unexpected visitor well actually two. Dr. Malone knew how apprehensive Julie was about delivering the baby so far from home . As it turns out Dr. Harris wasn't in L.A. she was vacationing with her family a little over an hour away and graciously volunteers to come to Breckenridge to help with Julie's delivery. The other was here thanks to Marcus and me, I couldn't possibly let Julie bring her first born baby into the world without her mom at her side. Julie was beside herself with joy "Nina I..... I love you so much for this, thank you just doesn't seem enough" Me:"It's my pleasure baby doll, the only thanks I need is your sweet smile and my healthy nephew" I kiss her cheek and hug her tight, she's the closest thing I have to a sister and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her.

Five hours after they administer her epidural she's completely dilated and ready to push. They ease off the epidural just enough for her to feel the contractions. Dr. H:"Ok Julie here comes another one, take a deep breathe and push" for two hours she pushes but the baby refuses to crown. after a quick ultrasound Dr. Harris confirms her suspicions, the baby is breached. Dr. Malone and Dr. Harris take turns massaging her belly hoping to get the baby to turn but nothing seems to be working Dr. Harris informs Julie and Shannon that she might need a C-Section. ".... there's still a chance he'll turn so we're going to keep trying but I do have to let you know that a C-Section might be a possibility at this point" she lets Julie's rest for a bit and tells Shannon how to help get the baby to turn. He places his hands on her belly and begins to gently rub her belly as he speaks to his unborn son S:"Hey there little bear cub I know you're scared but you don't need to be, mommy is trying to help you come to us but we need your help little angel. We love you so much, what do you say little cub are you ready to me us? Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you and hold you in our arms" he kisses her belly and his son begins to move, Shannon smiles big, tears leaving his eyes and Julie's S:"He's moving"

Minutes later another contraction begins to form Julie breathes through it at first but then begins to moan in discomfort and pain Julie:"Mmmm...... Oh God! Mmmm.... I need to push ...... I need to push now!" Dr. Harris tells her to hold on while she checks and sure enough ..... he's crowning. Fifteen minutes later Aiden Christopher Leto makes his debut into the world they place him on Julie's chest as Shannon cuts his umbilical cord. Aiden wails at the top of his little lungs as tears leave Shannon and Julie's eyes J:"He's so beautiful!" S:"He's perfect, Thank you sweetness. I love you so much" he kisses her lips then his son's cheek J:"I love you more my sweet bear, so much" they take in their little angel and suddenly it didn't matter that they were far away from home, all that mattered was here and now. The nurse takes him to get cleaned up while Dr. Harris preps Julie to go to the recovery room where we are waiting. Aiden is brought back and placed in his grandma Elizabeth's arms E:"Oh my God, baby he's beautiful........ " To Aiden "Hi sweet Angel " she kisses his forehead tenderly and takes him in while she waits for Julie to be ready to be moved.

After what feels like an eternity Jared gets a message from Shannon "Hi uncle Jared, I'm here! Love Aiden" attached is a picture, he's so beautiful except for his button nose he looks just like Shannon. Jared and I hug each other tight J:"He's here angel, Shannon's a daddy" Me:"Yes he is baby" Julie is brought in soon after, Shannon hands Aiden to Jared S:"You want to meet your nephew" he's even more beautiful in person. Me:"You did good bug, he's so beautiful" Julie:"Thank you mama" S:"Hey I helped too" Jared:"We can see that, he looks just like you, mom's gonna love him" S:"Oh my god, mom!" He takes out his phone to snap a picture but Jared has a better idea "Here take him" Shannon holds his son in his arms while Jared takes a few pics then sends them to his mom with a message that reads "Dear Grandma, wish you were here, can't wait to meet you. Love you Aiden"

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