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The following morning Shannon and Julie make it back in time for breakfast. Fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit and Cuban vegan friendly breakfast cuisine adorn the the dinning room table. S:"Heeeey! Where's the coffee??? Me:"In the coffee maker, I didn't think you'd want to drink it cold" Shannon gives me a sly smirk S:"It better be" M:"Bienvenidos tortolitos, hope you're hungry. I made friend plantain with moros y christianos, fresh homemade galletas and croquetas de papa." Me:"Thank you Margarita it looks yummy" Julie:"Mmm it does look yummy, thank you" we all sit down to eat while Margarita serves our coffee. I feel so bad that she's waiting on us hand and foot but I found out from her she's an aspiring chef so this is actually good practice for her and truth be told she's an amazing cook. Everything tastes wonderful, we end our breakfast with coffee and empanadas de guayaba and other amazing Cuban pastries. Over coffee Jared goes over the plans for the day J:"I hope you ladies don't have anything on your itinerary for today" we look at each other quizzically Jared:"Good, because all you'll be neededing is your bikinis towels and sunscreen" Shannon smiles big S:"No way???" Nikko:"Come on guys the captain's not gonna wait forever" Julie and I look at each other's in surprise "Captain???" Jared:"Yeah baby we're going out on a yacht" S:" Sweet!!!" Me:"Oh my God are you serious? Julie:"Oh Nikko I love you!!!!!" She throws her arms around him and kisses his cheek, he gives her a sarcastic look of pain, somewhere between constipation and agony Nikko:"Please don't tease my broken heart, I don't think it can take it"

We spend the rest of the day aboard the Santa Maria, sunbathing listening to music and enjoying the warm Caribbean Sea. The boys take turns diving into the water, I love their free spirit the way they just enjoy life without qualms or reservations. After much begging, in their part, we decide to join them the water is warm yet refreshing. To be perfectly honest, it scared me a little, it's not like the pool back home or the water's edge where I actually have control, it was actually like being a small speck or an ant in a pool but with Jared it wasn't so intimidating I really felt safe. After enjoying the water for a bit we went back on board for a late lunch. To our surprise we had an array of sushi, fresh fruits & veggies and chilled wine waiting for us. Nikko hands Jared a tray of veggie filled rolls made with the traditional California rolls and eggplant, cucumber & avocados just to name a few Nikko:"Don't think I forgot you hermano!" Jared:"Awe thanks man, you're the best" Nikko:"De Nada hermano you know I got your back" the food was amazing and so was the company.

We found this small island full of lush plants and trees, further inland is a beautiful water fall with a man made stone bridge. We find our way up to top of the water fall and the view from the top is breathtaking. We slip into the warm water and wash away the salt from the sea, the four of us enjoy our own little piece of paradise. The pond up top has a smaller waterfall with a small alcove behind it, we decide to explore it and find that we are not the only ones who've been here we find carvings some new some old, Jared's face lights up and he gets a look Shannon and now I know too well Jared:"I'll be right back" he kisses my cheek and goes back outside. Shannon and I look at each other and smile S:"He's on to something" I giggle and nod, Julie:"What's he up to?" I look at her and back at the carvings she catches on and smiles big. he comes back with a sharp rock and goes right to an empty spot on the wall and begins to draw a triad, underneath he draws four glyphs. we all stand there and watch him in awe. When he's done he steps back and admires his work, Shannon traces the triad and the glyphs with his fingers S:"You're insane, I love it...... what are these" Jared:"They're glyphs......" He pauses over each of them as he names them Jared:"30.... Seconds.... To.... Mars" he smiles and waits for our reaction. Me:"Baby.... I love it" S:"Sweet! We've got to take a picture of this before we go" I look at them with mischief in my eyes Me:"We don't have to" Julie looks at me then Jared with curiosity, Julie:"Why not bug, have you seen these before?" Me:"Yes....." to Jared "..... the glyphs..... These are what you've been sketching lately?" S:"Wait I'm not following, you've been sketching these?" Jared:"These and other symbols, possibly for cover art not sure." S:"You never cease to amaze me little bro"

We continue exploring the alcove, we find a trail that leads downward and out to a small nook behind the larger waterfall with a trail exiting back to the larger pond. The boys jump in soaking us up in the process Me:"Brats!!" Julie:"You're so infantile" S:"Aaaah are you all wet?" Jared:"Damn we're good!" They give each other a high five, we just laugh and shake our heads. We pretend to be unimpressed and start making our way back to shore, we hear footsteps behind us and before we know it we're being lifted and carried back to the pond Me:"Jared stop! Put me down!" Julie:"Shannon Leto don't you dare!" We hold on for dear life as we hit the water, we come back up to the surface but rather then get mad we get even. We push them back underwater, Jared wraps his arms around my legs and pushes us both up and out of the water, Shannon does the same with Julie. They bring us down slowly and conquer our lips. If I wasn't in love before I was now, as for Julie I didn't even have to ask it was written all over her face. We decide to enjoy the water a little longer before we head back on to the yacht
Back on board we toasted to love friendship family and of course Mars, we listened to music and watched the sun set into the Caribbean Sea.

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