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After the Gas lamp Jared and I head back home to our twins, Shannon and Julie continue his Birthday Celebration. Jared and I help Julie arrange a surprise for him, according to Shannon they area headed up the coast to a Bed & Breakfast in Malibu....... well, that's halfway true. Jared arranged for them to stay at the same beach house where we celebrated our anniversary. Julie and I went shopping for his gift earlier in the day...... well that's also half way true, after our shopping we detoured to the house to get everything ready. They're headed up the coast to the B&B enjoying the ride and reminiscing about the Gas Lamp and the band's tour thus far, 15 minutes into the ride she sets her plan in motion. J:"Babe, I know it's your birthday but can I ask you for a big favor" S:"Sure baby anything" J:"Nina and I visited a friend up the coast and she left her laptop behind, do you think we could swing by and pick it up?" S:"Yeah sure! It won't take long will it?......" he massages her thigh and gives her a wicked little grin "I'm kinda anxious to start celebrating" she gives him a wicked little grin of her own J:"Oh are we now?" She reaches over and unbuttons and unzips his pants she caresses his manhood through his briefs, a sexy moan escapes his lips, he's already hard as a rock and revving to go. J:"You hungry for me baby?" S:"Mmmm...... starving" she moves in close she continues to caress him through the fabric as she kisses his neck. She whispers in his ear in a sexy voice "Mmmm...... I love the way you think but I can't see where I'm going if I'm busing taking care of you" she sits back in her seat and giggles S:"You're such a tease" J:"But you love me anyway" he kisses her neck S:"Yeah, that I do"

They arrive at the beach house twenty minutes later, she has him park in the driveway J:" I'll be right back, love you" S:"Love you more" she heads down the side of the house to the front porch she retrieves the keys from underneath the flower pot to the right of the door and let's herself in. She has about 10 minutes at best so she has to work quickly, she drops the keys on the console picks up the lighter and begins to light the candles. She heads in to the bedroom then the bathroom and lights the candles there. She runs the bath and begins to undress she's about to step in the tub when her phone goes off, right on queue. She turns off the water and takes his call J:"Hey baby" S:"What's taking so long sweetness" she pretends to tear up J:"I'm sorry baby I'm such a klutz I tripped coming up the steps and sprained my ankle." S:"Did you have a nice trip" he can't help but giggle J:"SHANNON!!! It's not funny it really hurts" S:"I'm sorry baby, you want me to come get you?" J:"Please.... I don't think I can walk on it" S:"My sweet little klutz, I'll be right in" she smiles big puts the phone down and steps into the rose petal water and waits for him to join her.

He reaches the front door S:"The hell...." the front of the house is all glass, the lights are all off except for the glow of candles, he steps inside and follows the trail of rose petals to the bedroom, it too is lit with candles. The rose petals surround the bed and lead to the bathroom, a few petals are scatterd on the bed with a card that reads "Happy Birthday Baby" her red lips adorn part of the Y in baby. He smiles sweetly S:"My sweet Angel" he looks toward the bathroom and the candlelight within, he walks in to the bathroom and finds her soaking in the tub her eyes aglow with the candlelight. S:"I though you sprained your ankle?" Julie giggles J:"Oh I did.... It really hurts..... ouch" she giggles again, he gets on his knees next to the tub he puts one hand around Julie's neck the other on the side of the tub, he pulls her in for s kiss S:"My sneaky little Angel" J:"Mmmm...... Happy Birthday Baby" S:"I love you" J:"I love you more" he gets up and starts to undress Julie bites her lower lip enjoying the view. She still can't believe he's really hers that it is she who owns his heart. He takes his time making her restless, he takes off his briefs Julie lets out a sultry moan at the sight of his swollen manhood J:"Mmmm" he stretches and pretends to yawn S:"Good night my love" he turns to walk into the bedroom J:"Shannon Leto don't you dare!!!" He laughs and goes back for her lips J:"You're such a tease babe" S:"I know but you love me that way" J:"Mmmm.... that I do" he gets in behind her and she leans back on to his chest. He caresses her neck with one hand while the other caresses her breast. She tilts her head wraps her arm around his neck and kisses his jaw line while her other hand caresses his thigh, if it were up to her she'd never leave this sweet heaven. He reaches for the sponge dips it into the water and squeezes it over her chest.

He takes her lips and continues to fondles her breast while the other drops to her hip and lower still. His thick fingers begin to tease her and she moans into his lips, her breathing becomes ragged her hips arch to his touch as he swells with desire beneath J:"Shannon...... mmmm" he continues to sponge the water over her breast, teasing her sweet spot mercilessly she can't breathe she can't think, she cums a water fall on to his thick fingers just when she thinks she can't cum anymore he angles her hips and enters her from below. She gasps and moan at the feel of him his hot breath caresses her neck, as his tongue and his lips dance on her skin setting her soul on fire. A feeling of complete and total intoxication takes over her
body she gasps and moans in pleasure as he rocks her hips over and over again while his hand drives her insane J:"Oh God Shannon..... Shannon..... mmmm" the sexy growls and moan coming from his lips send her into a state of delirium S:"Ugh...... mmmm...... Jul....... ugh.... " He pulses and throbbes and releases into her as she cumes with him. They take each others lips and she moans into his J:"Happy Birthday Baby" S:"I think that's the best birthday gift I've ever gotten" J:"Oh Baby I'm nowhere near done with you yet"

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