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Four months later Blackfuel Trading Co. is preparing to open its doors. The remodel is almost complete but there are still a few minor details to take care of. It's a far cry from the place where Shannon and I first met but Dolce's spirit is still there. Shannon even refurbished a couple of the original signs an fixtures and used them as part of the new Cafe Bar. Julie has been working with him side by side and althought he appreciates the help and enjoys her company he wishes she'd just take it easy. She's now six and a half months pregnant and has no plans of stopping but then again she's been this way since we we're kids, even through ragging fevers she was never one to stay in bed. S:"Sweetness you're pregnant you need to take it easy" J:"I know Baby but I feel fine, I promise" S:"But look at Nina she was bed ridden during the last couple of months of her pregnancy and I don't want the same thing to happen to you" J:"She was carrying twins, which made her pregnancy more delicate, I'm only carrying one remember?" He looks at her as if to say I'm not buying it . He lowers himself till he's face to face with her swollen belly S"My sweet little bear cub why won't your mommy listen to me " He kisses her belly then rises to take her lips J:"Because his mommy knows he's safe and he's gonna be just fine" S:"Baby you're going to have to stop sometime " J : "When the time comes I will but until then. ...."

I walk in with lunch and just by looking at them I already know what's going on S:"Nina can you please help me convince your sister to stop endangering our son's safety" J:"I'm not endangering our son's safety" Me:"I'm Switzerland remember...... But I do want my God-son to be born healthy and a full term baby thank you very much" J:"Neen you know me I'll go stir crazy if I stay idle" Me:"Idle hands are the devil's playground I know" S:"And just what is that supposed to mean?" He looks at me like I'm about to admit to a deadly sin. Me:"Really Shan, really? It's a figure of speech dork" He looks at us like he's not convinced S:"Hmmm I don't know" J:"Shannon Leto stop" he shakes his head in defeat S:"Fine I give up" we sit down and have our lunch, after which I give Julie the bad news that she'll be stuck with me for the rest of the afternoon shopping for the twins birthday party. J:"I still can't beleive they're turning one next week" Me:"I know me either, I still remember being pregnant, the day they were born. Oh my God they were so tiny" S:"They sure were, they could've fit in a shoe box" J:"SHANNON!!!!!" She hits his arm playfully S:"Ouch!" Me:"It's ok mama I'm used to his warped sense of humor" J:"So have you thought of a theme for the party?" Me:" A couple actually but I'm having trouble deciding, what about you? Have you though of a theme for the baby's room?" J:"Actually yes but I'm gonna need your help, since Shannon is a drummer I was thinking of incorporating drums into the decor" Me:"Oh my God Love Bug I love it!"

We spend the rest of the afternoon shopping for our babies. I still can't believe Julie is gonna be a mommy I'm so happy for her, I've never seen her so happy. Pregnancy becomes her, she looks so beautiful, she's glowing. And Shannon is no different than Jared was with me when we were expecting the twins. He waits on her hand foot, pampering her. They way these two talk and connect with their babies intro-utero is heart warming we couldn't ask for better daddies. Like me Julie is full of questions and I'm more than happy to answer them. She looks at me quizzicaly J:"Are you ok bug?" Me:"Yeah it's just....... Poor Constance. Was I like that, I mean did I annoy the heck out of her with all my questions?" Julie pretends to be offended J:"Oh now I'm annoying? I only ask because I'm curious and scared, it's not like I've had a baby before or two. Excuse the hell out of me Queen Nina!" She pretends to sob while I'm fighting to keep a straight face, I honestly cant tell if she's pretending to cry or laughing. I finally loose it, only my sister would know me this well, that's why we call ourselves sisters because we know eachother like the back of our hands. Me:"I'm sorry...... it's just it never occurred to me that I might have annoyed her with all my questions" J:"Of course you didn't mama, if anything you made her feel more loved because you wouldnt be asking if you didn't truly value her opinion" I hug her tight and kiss her cheek Me:"I love you so much sweet bug" J:"I love you more, know answer my questions dammit!" we both start laughing again.

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