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Happy birthday to You
Happy birthday to You
Happy birthday dear Julian and Emmy
Happy birthday to You.

We hold our birthday Prince and Princess as they blow out the candles on their birthday cakes (with help from mommy and daddy of course). I decided on a chocolate cake for Julian and a red velvet for Emmy. Both Cakes were white with colored polkadots, Julian's was topped with a crown while Emmy's was topped with a Tiara. For their outfits Julian wore the little guayabera I got for him in Cuba with a pair of kaki shorts and faux leather sandals and Emmy wore her embroidered dress which I also brought from Cuba with a lace ruffled pair shorts and flowered topped sandals. They both looked so precious Julian is already walking while Emmy is still finding her balance. They've also learned their first words "mama, dayee (daddy), doos (juice), uhpaw (up), baba (milk/bottle). I lean Julian in for a taste of his cake and Jared does the same with Emmy but leans in a little too far and her face gets covered in frosting Me:"Babyyyy........ her face!" Jared:"I'm sorry Princess ......." He kisses her cheek and tastes the frosting "......mmmm you taste yummy, come on my sweet little angel let's go get you all cleaned up" he takes her inside while I clean up Julian and Julie serves the cake.

After the presents, cake, face painting, pictures and food. The guests start to trickle out leaving just family and a small circle of friends. We sit in the backyard enjoying the warm sun, amazing company, and of course our beautiful twins. Speaking of..... Me:"Where's Jared and Emmy?" S:"Probably getting more cake" Julie:"He's so beautiful mama, just wish he'd let me hold him" Me:"He does mama, he doesn't always get fussy, remember what my mom once said, if you're carrying a boy and your holding a boy both babies get fussy" Julie:"Yeah I remember, you're right mama...... come here little bug" She takes Julian from me and nuzzles his neck and cheek throwing him into a fit of giggles. She sits him on her lap and he leans againts her chest, the baby inside starts to move around in protest, Julian feels the movement and sits up and looks at her tummy funny, his little eyebrows pinched together. His little lips pucker as he places his chubby little hands on her swollen belly his cousin moves again and his eyes light up and he giggles J:"Ooooh" Me:"What's that papa, is that a baby?" The baby moves again sending Julian into another fit of giggles.

Jared comesback outside with Emmy in tow, she's got something in her little hands but I can't quite make out what it is till he sits her on my lap Me:"Hey baby girl whatcha got there mama" her facial expression resembles Julian's as she tries to open the little box Me:"Box ...... can you say box?" E:"bah" Me:"Yeah baby, box....... need help?" I pull the top off just enough to get her attention and she does the rest. Her little eyes light up when she finds a Tiffany blue velvet box inside, she turns the box over and I catch the velvet box inside. E:"Ooooh" I look at Jared in awe Me:"Baby what is this? J:"Open it angel" I open the box, my breath catches and my heart almost stops Me:"Is..... is this what I think it is?" Inside is a custom designed triad engagement ring, I look up at him and he's down on one knee J:"Nina you're the missing piece of my heart, of my very soul. You make my life complete, because of you I am alive again. You've giving me the sweetest most precious gifts a woman could give a man and the only thing that could make our life more perfect is for me to give you my name, My sweetest angel would you do me the extraordinary honor of becoming my wife." Tears are rolling down my cheeks and for a split second I forget how to talk, how to breathe. I caress his sweet face and he leans into my touch his teary eyes locked with mine J:"Marry me Nina, marry me" I nod my answer then finally find the will to speak Me:"Yes....... Yes ....... of course I'll marry you......... nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be your wife" I take his lips and hold him tight Me:"I love you Jared, so much" J:"I love you more" he takes my lips. We're so lost in each other we've all but forgoten our little angel is on my lap E:"mama.......mama" she tugs at my hand Me:"What baby?" She then tugs at Jared's arm E:"Dayee........ Mama ....... mmm Dayee" Jared scoops her up into his arms Jared:" That's right my pretty princess just like daddy's." She's such a smart little girl and it doesn't take long before her brother also points out that my new engagement ring matches the new tattoos on Jared's forearms. Julie and Shannon are the first to congratulate us S:"Welcome to the family sis, take care of my little brother" Me:" I will ShanBear" Julie:"Take care of my sister's heart" Jared:"With my life" he places his hand on her swollen belly Jared:"Damn he can kick........ Thank you by the way " Julie:"For what Jay?" Jared:"For making my brother happy" Julie:"He's my heart, my life nowhere else I'd rather be than with him" he kisses her temple and pulls her close. Constance clinks her glass as she comes closer to us. C:"I'll keep this short and sweet I promise. It trully warms my heart to see my boys so happy. Nina and Julie I can't begin to thank you enough for loving my boys and my grandchildren the way you do. I meant what I said the other other day there is no one else I'd rather mother my grandchildren than the two of you, I'm blessed and I'm honored to call you my daughters" we both walk over to Constance and hug her tight Me:"We love you mom........" Julie:"So much C:"I love you too......." to me "Welcome to the family sweetheart."

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