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We get back home to sleepy twins and sleepy sitters. We stumble in kissing and giggling I back up against the wall as he closes the door, he looks at me with lust in his eyes. He takes my arms and gently pins them to the wall behind me kissing my lips and down my neck, I moan in spite of myself, his lips sending sweet shivers through my body. He brings my hands together, one wrist over the other gently holding them together, his right hand slowly descends the length of my arm his fingers gently caressing my face, neck, and chest. He lingers on my breast his lips devouring mine I wants so bad to touch him but I wait. His hand descends lower still to my hip he pulls me close grinding against me, ah fuck I want him bad! I lift my leg and wrap it around him to pull him closer J:"Patience baby" I moan softly Me:"Mmmm you're such a tease" J:"I know" he takes my lips again, he's about to rip through his jeans the feel of him soaking me instantly his hand goes up my thigh and he massages my hip pulling me closer Me:"Jared ..... Please" J:"Soon baby" he continues to grind against me, my hands still pinned above my head and I moan again Me:"Mmmm...... please J:"Shhh.... Keep it down baby" were lost in each other's touch when we hear Shannon moan we giggle and peak in the living room, Shannon and Julie are fast asleep on the couch. They're facing each other her leg draped over his thigh they look so cute, remind me to fire them in the morning for falling asleep on the job.

We tip toe upstairs and go into the nursery to check in on our angels they too are fast asleep Emmy is on her back with her little hands on either side of her head, her little lips pursed and suckling in her sleep. Julian's on his tummy his little head to the side suckling on his little hand in his sleep he'll be the first to wake J:"Hungry little man isn't he?" Me:"Yeah. Just like his uncle Shannon" we both giggle at that it's so true, out of both of them Shannon's the one with the healthier appetite. I wonder what they were like as babies, I want to pick them up but I don't want to wake them Jared caresses their little heads and nuzzles and kisses them both. My heart swells with love for him he's taken to being a dad so easily, he loves being a daddy to our twins. truth be told, I love being a mom too and Constance was right it did come naturally. Jared kisses my neck and jars me from my thoughts J:"Come on baby, lets go finish what we started"
Me:"Mmmm, I don't know baby" he unzips my dress and kisses my back as he pushes it off my shoulders. I yawn and pretend I'm not impressed J:"Oh really, you're gonna make me beg" he grinds against me from behind and I gasp. He fondles my breast and kisses my neck, damn he's good! Me:"Mmmm ......" J:"Yeah...... that's what I thought" I turn to him and take his lips. J:"Come on" Me:"Wait" I nuzzle and kiss my babies and tuck them in, I pick up my dress and we go to our bedroom.

Hours later we are lost in each other's touch months of bent up desire finally released I moan and gasp as orgasmic waves wash over me over and over again Me:"Oh God....... Mmmm...... Jared" J:"Mmmm ........ Uugh...... Nina" he rock my hips mercilessly Me:"Aaah...... mmmm" J:"Shhh..... keep it down angel" he's right were getting too loud and I don't want to wake up the babies or our former employees on the couch. Downstairs Shannon stirs he breathes deeply S:"What time is it........ shouldn't they be home by now ....." Too late ".....the hell!!!!" Julie wakes up J:"What time is it?....... Oh shit!!!!" She giggles Shannon looks at her like the fuck, S:"Are they???" J:"Uh huh!" She puts her hand over her mouth and giggles again S:"You actually find this amusing" J:"Baby it's not like I haven't heard her have sex before, what you've never heard Jared" S:"Heard him? Try walking in on him." J:"Oh God really? And he's never walked in on you?" S:"Well actually ....." He blushes J:"Shannon Leto!" S:"Hey you asked! So this...... I mean...... you've walked in on her...." J:"We were roommates in college and yes sort of ....... I'd come home in the middle of it and vice versa but no we never saw each other...... doing it!" Shannon looks up at the ceiling S:"How long have they been going at it?" He breathes deeply, he looks at Julie with lust in his eyes J:"Shannon what are you....." he devours her lips his manhood swollen with desire, Julie soaks in seconds J:"Mmmm Baby ...... we can't" S:"Come on baby....... they'll never know"

We're dozing off when we hear one of babies crying, I throw on Jared's shirt and my panties and head to the nursery. Julian's whimpering and suckling on his little hand while Emmy still sleeps. I scoop him up in my arms Me:"What's the matter my love you hungry already" I sit in the rocking chair and begin to feed him, my beautiful little angel looks up at me with sleepy eyes as he feeds I talk to him and he smiles. I'm rocking a sleepy Julian in my arms when Julie and Shannon walk into the nursery Julie:"Is he ok?" Me:"Yeah he's fine" Shannon says something then I turn to face him only to get the shock of my life Me:"ON MY COUCH!!!!! REALLY???" He's in his briefs and he's still rock hard, Julie's wearing his shirt and I'm hoping her panties. They look at each other, Them:"Oops" Jared:"OH SHIT!!! ON MY COUCH!!! REALLY!!!" S:"Technically, I paid for it so it's actually my couch" Jared:"Really???? Ok excuse me let me rephrase, YOU FUCKED YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!" S:"Well maybe if you wouldn't have made yours squeal so loud I wouldn't have gotten so horny" Jared:"Well I haven't gotten laid in over 8 weeks so excuse me for being a little bit zealous" Julie:"Boys keep it down you're gonna wake up the......" crap too late, Emmy's up Me:"...babies. Thanks guys!" Jared:"Sorry Baby" he scoops up Emmy "I'm so sorry princess did daddy wake you up" she coos to her daddy through her whimpering and Julian whimpers in my arms S:"I'm sorry guys" Julie and I can't help but giggle Jared:"What's so funny baby" Me:"You guys!!!! Your both standing around in your underwear arguing about who got laid where, all we need is for us to start comparing packages" Julie:"Well now that you mention it I think Jared might have Shannon beat in that department" Me:"Jewels!!!! You did not just check out my man's package!" I had to admit she was right Jared does have a better package from what my hand remembers and what I can see through the fabric. Although I have to admit Shannon's is pretty impressive.

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