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On a white sandy beach we will be lost in time but to know where we are going a second clue you must find..... J:"What the...." She found her first clue when she went to prep coffee. In the coffee bag was a small rectangular note with Shannon's familiar print. Second clue, but where? She pulls down two coffee cups and fill hers with non-dairy creamer and ...... Sugar is sweet and so are you, if adventure you seek just follow the clues on the bottom right hand corner was a glyph, a triad actually but why a triad?....... Her Jewelry box!!!! It's a mirrored square box with a Triad etched on top, he gave it to her for her birthday last year, the next clue must be in there. She finishes preparing coffee and takes the tray to the bedroom, he's still asleep so she sets it down on the coffee table and goes to her Jewelry box......there it is another clue Your legs look so sexy in your favorite nudes where they should be stored sits another clue she looks over to him and her heart skips a few beats, he's so sweet and romantic and..... perfect. She goes to the walk in closet to look for her nude Louboutins but instead of her shoes she finds a small box she sits down on the ottoman and opens it. Inside is a brand new bikini, small suntan spray, a pair of sunglasses......... and another clue You'll need these where we're going, it's sunny and warm. Just one more to go, the final clue lies where your heart calls home this one has a heart on the bottom right hand corner but what does that mean? J:"Where my heart calls home?" Hmmm what could that mean, she looks around the room but can't figure out. She looks at Shannon again and thinks to herself "I love you so much Shann...... " SHANNON!!! He's the last clue...... Where her heart lies, Shannon is her heart and he's lying on the Bed it's in the bed! She goes to their bed and carefully looks around then she sees it, a DVD.

Dirty Dancing Havana Nights , but why, what the ...... she carefully pulls it out from under his pillow and opens the case, there on the DVD is her final clue You might be wondering why and how this fits in, a year ago next week my heart I found pack up your bags because we are Cuba bound! Julie squeals with delight J:"OH MY GOD! Shannon!! Are you kidding me?" He pretends to wake up from a deep sleep S:"Hhhmm......... Tired drummer trying to sleep here!" Julie's eyes tear up J:" Really are you serious baby?" S:"Just 5 more minutes mommy, pleeeeeeaaaasssseee" J:"Shannon Leto you stop that! Look at me" he pretends to snore, she straddles him and her hands tickle his sides and he starts laughing S:"Ok Ok........ alright ....... I give up" he puts his hand on her neck pulls her in for a kiss and rolls them over J:"Are we really going to Cuba?" S:"Yes Sweetness we are" J:"But how?" He caresses her hair as he speaks S:"I wanted to do something special for our anniversary and Nikko offered his uncle's house. It's right on the beach, it's beautiful" J:"I love you so much" S:"I love you more"

A few hours later Julie and Shannon head over to our place to share their good news. Julie bounds up the stairs looking for me, J:"NINA! NINA!" I peek out of the nursery Me:"Shh ......I just put them down for their nap" J:"I'm sorry bug, oh my God they're so precious" Me:"I know right, I still can't believe they're mine. Wait, where's the fire?" J:"Huh? Oh yeah where's Jared?" Me:"Out back why?" J:"Come on" she grabs My hand and leads the way Me:"Julie Sirac what is going on!" J:"Oh my God Bug I'm so happy right now" Me:"And I'm happy for you but do you mind sharing with the rest of us?" We step out on to the backyard where Jared and Shannon are already waiting S:"Did you tell her?" She looks at him and then at me and smiles big Me:"Tell me what?" Julie:"Shannon's taking me to Cuba for our anniversary!" Me:"Oh My God mama that's awesome, I'm so happy for you" we hug each other tight, to Jared "So this is why you were so secretive? You knew and you didn't tell me?" Jared:"Baby, we were trying to keep it a surprise" Me:"So you thought I'd ruin it by telling Julie?" S:"I'm sorry babe I just didn't want to get your hopes up then have them crushed if the plans fell through" Julie and I look at each other as if Shannon had spoken a foreign dialect Me:"Wait what?" Julie:"You as in" she points at me then at herself. Jared:"Yes as in you...... that is of course..... Unless you want it to be just the two of you ........we'll totally understand" Me:"Baby what are you saying, we're going with them?" Shannon looks at Julie S:"If it's ok with you love? I wouldn't be asking except Jared kinda invited himself and I feel bad telling him he can't go" Julie decides to play along "Yeah you're right and he probably already told Nina too..... poor thing." Jared and I look at each other like WHAT THE HELL S:"Yeah maybe we should bring them along, they've got their hands full with the twins and I'm sure they could use a break" Jared:"Did we Just turn into Mr. and Mrs Casper the friendly Ghost?" Shannon and Julie start busting up.

Julie puts her arm around me Julie:"Of course you can come bug , I'd love to have you there with us" Me:"Are you sure!" Julie:"Absolutely mama" Shannon puts his arm around Jared S:"looks like you're coming with us Mr. Butt-inski" Jared:"Mr. Butt-inski" Shannon grabs his junk Julie and I look at each other in shock S:"Yeah, how's Julie supposed to get any of this with you hanging around" Jared:"Come on Shannon don't tell you've forgotten about that time up in Big Bear and it was four of us cramped into a little cabin. As I recall you had no problem or shame getting busy....." S:"You should talk, it's not like you haven't done it before either" J:"Well we're not talking about me are we?" S:"Well at least my girl wasn't screaming like a banshee" J:"Not my fault you couldn't get your girl to cum" Me:"Like a Banshee!!!!" Julie:"No Shame!!!" Me:"Shannon I think you and I need to have a little talk" Julie:"Apparently, so do we Jared!" S:"Baby that was so long ago it doesn't even matter anymore, besides you weren't complaining last night or this morning" she blushes as he pulls her into his arms. Jared pulls me into his, I look at him incredulously and mouth like a banshee Jared:"Come on baby don't tell me you're jealous, that happened way before you....." He gives me a wicked little grin his lips part slightly and in a sexy little whisper ".....Besides it's not like he's lying, you do get pretty loud when I make you come" I blush and giggle as I lay my head on his chest. Julie and I look at each other, we're both being held, our heads on our men's chest. Maybe just a little jealous but mostly blessed, sometimes it's good not being the first woman in a man's life. One, who wants to be a guinea pig and two after a couple of failed relationships they already know what their hearts and bodies want and need and for Jared and Shannon that would be us. I can't wait for Cuba and I know neither can she.

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