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The following day we make use of the pool the water is nice and warm. We slosh around like a couple of teenagers, the boys race each other from one end of the pool to the other. At one point Jared dives deep his body nearly skimming the bottom of the pool, he's so beautiful to watch like my own personal Adonis. He breaks the surface directly in front of me pulling me into his arms and taking my lips. Me:"Baby you're all wet!" Jared gives me a wicked little grin "So are you" I look at the water around me and giggle Me:"I guess you're right" he kisses my neck close to my ear and in a sexy whisper "I wasn't talking about the pool" a soft moan escapes my lips as he kisses my neck. Me:"Mmm ........ I love you" S:"I love you too now get a room" Jared gives Shannon a mischievous look, Jared:"Why? You might actually learn something" Julie and I both look at Jared in shock, S:"Me? Need I remind you that I'm older and if anyone is gonna learn anything, it's you" Jared:"You wish!" S:"I know!" Julie and I can't help but giggle truth be told neither one of us can complain. Not that we've compared notes but we both agree they are the best we've ever had.

That evening we join Nikko and Margarita for a walk along the peninsula where we come across a few restaurants with open patios and warm music. What is quiet and non-assuming by day is alive with music and dancing by night, the sound of the bongos and trumpets float out into the streets. There is one particular patio that stands out from the rest, its spaciousness is warm and inviting but cozy. The elevated stage is flanked by a chimenea on either side a spacious dance floor extends out in front of it and a generous bar sits to one side. Dancers burn up the dance floor as the music plays, the beat of the drum and flare of trumpets intoxicate with their tropical beats. The tempo changes and the dance floor clears except for one couple, Sebastian and Estella, the king and queen of the Rosa Negra. They are beautiful to watch the way they move and spin effortlessly, they're bodies in sync with each other. They start with a Salsa number and finish with a sexy bachata Shannon holds Julie close from behind swaying his hips and hers to the beat, Julie:"They're not just dancing, they're feeling the music" he leans in and kisses her neck and whispers in a sexy voice S:"Oh they're feeling something alright" Julie blushes "Mr. Leto you must really get your mind out of the gutter" S:"With you my sex kitten it's virtually impossible" he takes her lips sweetly.

I get lost in the dance and the feel of the music, in my mind's eye I am Estella and Jared is Sebastian, I am Hispanic after all and it's the Latin rhythm that moves me. I begin to sway my hips to the beat of the music Jared pulls me close and follows my lead. He spins me around and pulls me close our hips swaying in unison, Shannon looks on in awe he's never seen Jared so happy. He remembers the first time he saw Nina, curves in all the right places sun kissed skin there was something about her that awoke his body but not his heart or his soul, Julie did that. He had every intention of taking her to his bed but of course fate had other plans. The week he and Nina met he was finalizing plans to go on tour with his buddy Antoine, he had planned on finding her but he figured he was leaving anyway so there was no point in starting something he couldn't finish besides she's a regular at Dolce's and he knew where she worked, if it was meant to be he'd find her again. As fate would have it Antoine got a hairline fracture on his shin in a freak surfboarding accident and he called off the tour. The night they reconnected he figured destiny had brought them back together but not for the reasons he thought. When she chose Jared over him he was filled with a strange sense of déjà vu and it wasn't his heart but his ego that was bruised. That first night in the Venetian it was heart, his very soul that was awakened. She was so beautiful, the smell of her perfume intoxicating, her hazel eyes so sweet and gentle. He didn't even know her name but she had captured his heart from the moment her beautiful face popped up on the caller ID.

It's funny how things have a way of coming full circle and falling into place. He was meant to meet Nina because he was meant to find Julie. Standing here in Cuba under the stars with this beautiful woman in his arms is where he was meant to be. Jared was complete now with the woman he loved and his beautiful little angels. He wanted to have that with Julie a family, a lifetime of love and memories. His lips find her neck and in a soft sexy voice "I love you so much Julie Maureen, there's nowhere else I'd rather be than here with you"

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