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Blackfuel Trading Co. will be opening it's doors in two weeks. Shannon's been busy promoting while Julie finally slowed down and is now occupying her time prepping the Nursery for her little drummer boy. That, of course didn't mean that she wasn't gonna try to sneak in a visit or two. The boys scored tickets to Coachella which usually takes place in the spring but this particular year they'll be having an additional harvest festival in the fall, which was going to be on a smaller scale and primeraly by invite only. Shannon managed to book himself a small space in the pool area of the Sparrows Lodge where we will be staying. He's gonna be setting up what he calls a Blackfuel pop up coffee bar where he would introduce Blackfuel to potential customers. His coffee will consist of four distinct blends; S.L, 11:20, Big Sur, and Woodley Ave. two of which he will be serving at Coachella, the S.L. blend will be served iced while the Woodley Ave blend will be served as expresso. He's so excited and he's so much fun to watch, his excitement is contagious, between the band Blackfuel, Julie and the baby life is sweet.

The Harvest Festival is basically going to be a smaller verson of the original but with a fall theme complete with a haunted hay ride, mazes and yes even a Haunted Tent whatever that means. The boys were looking forward to it and dreamt of someday performing at the festival in the spring. But as much as they wanted it they also realized that they would be limiting the amount of fans that could attend since the tickets to Coachella are so pricey. The boys absolutely love the connection they have with their fans and always want their music to be assesable to them, they could never bring themselves to do a show that their fans couldn't attend. Marcus has developed a weak spot for them, truth be told I've caught him on more than one occassion listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, and he's using everything in his arsenal to promote the guys and now Shannnon's coffee buisness. I can honestly say I have a new found respect for him, he's not the huge the insecure hopeless mess of a man I thought him to be, he's actually quite buisness savy once he finds his footing. He and L490 have been a blessing to the boys they would never had gotten this far without them. Marcus is even talking about the boys one day playing the famous Hollywood Bowl, he always says "I know talent when I see it and with them I see greatness I see a road with no end. Mark my words Nina, they are going to make it all the way to the top and you and Jared will be sitting in that beautiful house of yours with your beautiful twins and who knows maybe another munchkin counting your blessings" Me:"How do you know we won't be sitting in a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean." M:"Because I know my boys they are humble people, they're not about the money or prestige. They're about making music and making people happy" I couldnt agree more

Come March of next year they will be opening up for Linkin Park, The Boys ar so excited and so are we. Although we are not looking forward to the long stretches without our boys we are incredibly proud of their success and will support them every step of the way. Chester agreed to let them open up for them the first time he saw Mars perform in Vegas but since he's in town he and the boys are meeting up tonight at the Gaslamp where the boys will be performing and Jack of course will be their opening act. Jared is seriously debating telling Jack about Chester, the size of the crowd has him nervous enough as it is. I guess word get's out fast, this place is filled to capacity with people standing by outside, at this rate they may have to move the performance outside. Julie and I go into manager mode, I start helping Andy move the crowd around while Julie tries to reconfigure the space to better fit the crowd. Half an hour later Nikko Andy and a couple other guys are moving tables into storage to make room for the people waiting outside, when all is said and done the Gaslamp is filled to standing room only and still within the permited capacity. The lights dim and the spotlight falls center stage, Jack is a hit with the crowd and it is he who intoduces the boys J:"And now the moment you've all been waiting for. They got there start here on this very stage and tonight they are back home to prove why they are taking the country and soon the world by storm. Give it up for our very own 30.... Seconds..... To...... Maaaaaaaars" the crowd goes wild as they take the stage, and the girls scream out their names.

Julie and I stand behind the bar taking in the show, they are amazing to watch. They play this small club no diferent that they would a bigger venue. They way they connect with the crowd and the way the crowd sings along and chants is positively intoxicating. When Jared sings Night Of The Hunter my heart almost stops as a sweet sense of deja vu takes over. I remember the night we met, he on that very stage our eyes lock and we are not here and now but a year and a half ago on the night we met he sings to me and goosebumps errupt all over my skin. It's amazing how the sound of his velvety voice can still set my soul on fire. During the last song Julie and I head backstage where Chester is already waiting C:"Ladies you should be proud, they have trully arrived." Me"Thank you Chester we trully are" he turns to Julie and places his hand on her tummy "I hear you have a little drummer boy on the way" Julie smiles big "Yes we do, Shannon is so excited he can't wait to teach him how to play the drums" we all laugh at that. The boys come in on a natural high Chester congratulates them and agrees to meet them in the private lounge behind the bar. Shannon covers Julie's tummy in kisses then take her lips.

Jared pulls me close and devours my lips as we stumble into his dressing room and he closes the door behind us. He moves us to mirror and sits me up on the make up table. He pulls me close as his lips travel down my neck and back J:"Do you remember the first time I had my way with you in this dressing room?" Me:"How could I ever forget, you were running through my veins before you got off that stage" He looks at me with lust in his eyes J:"I think it's time we christened this room properly don't you think" I love the way he thinks Me:"But what about Chester?" J:"He can wait" Me:"Shannon and Julie" J:"They're probably doing they same thing" he pulls up my dress and begins to tease me with his hand as his lips move further down my neck, he pulls my dress down with his other hand and conquers my breast. Ah hell....... my breath hitches, he lowers himself down and teases my sweet spot with his tongue and lips making my hips jolts toward him Me:'Mmmm........ ah fuck " the more I respond the more agressive he gets my hand goes into his hair urging him on J:"You we're saying" Me:'Mmmm.........Baby please ........Don't stop!" He grins like a Cheshire Cat as I release a waterfall onto his eager lips.

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