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The Coachella Harvest Festival was a lot more fun than we expected. It was filled with music, rides, a pumpkin patch, lots yummy food, a haunted hay ride, a maze and the famous haunted tent. As it turned out the tent was actually several large tents combined to create several rooms each of which had its own creepy ghoul. Julie and I decided to sit out the haunted activities and let the boys have their fun, she refused my company at first saying that she appreciated my love and concern but Jared would much sooner hold me than Shannon through the haunted tent and the maze. Although she was right I couldn't bare the though of her all by herself and after much coaxing she reluctantly gave in so while the boys are having fun being haunted we peruse the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin for Emmy and Julian to decorate. We actually end up picking up a few, two small ones for Emmy and Julian and two nice medium size ones for the boys. J:"And just how are the twins supposed to decorate their pumpkins?" Me:" not sure but Constance said she has an idea, whatever it is I'm sure it'll be safe and fun" J:"I'm sure it will be mama, she really loves your little angels" I put my hand on her belly Me:"And this little one too, have you thought of a name yet?" J:"We've thought of a couple but we're still undecided. Oh bug I can't wait to hold him" Me:"I know mama trust me I know. I can't wait to see Shannon holding this little pumpkin" Speaking of pumpkin..... I look at Julie and smile big Me:"You thinking what I'm thinking?" J:"Mmm Hmm pumpkin treats"

We make our way to the food court and find all sorts of goodies we settle on pumpkin cheesecake and muffins. We decide to take them back to the lodge, Julie's getting tired and the pumpkins should be arriving shortly. We stop by the Blackfuel Coffee Bar and business is booming, everyone is loving the coffee and we couldn't be happier. Our Baristas are also handing out postcards announcing Blackfuel's Grand Opening day. As we sit and enjoy our cup of coffee and our treats we can't help but overhear a conversation here and there a lot of them are 30 Seconds To Mars fans if not they know of the band. It's heart warming to see how everyone supports Shannon's new coffee venture, as we hear the nuances of their conversations we can't help but notice what an impact the band has had on their fandom. Some of the patrons had traveled from as far as New York and Miami to be here. This one girl was saying that the only reason she came was because Shannon would be here. Speak of the devil...... or devils I should say, no sooner did she speak and Jared and Shannon showed up. The girls go into a frenzy over the two of them, screaming out their names asking for autographs and pics. the boy's happily oblige. Some of the girls even ask for poor Tomo who couldn't make since he was sick in bed with the flu. The girls let out a collective aaaaw before going back to taking selfies with the boys.

Julie and I couldn't help but giggle at the way some of the girls were fangirling. One of them even asked Jared if he had a girlfriend, despite his quick rise to fame his private life was still that, private. And while the paparazzi had made our life all but public he was determined to keep our privacy as intact as possible. J:"That's a little personal don't you think?" Her:"It's just an honest question baby" excuse me? Uh he's so not your baby. S:"Well you do have a point but in all fairness we don't like to talk about our personal lives" she looks at them like she's about to pounce. Her:"Well my friend and I are gonna be at the bar tonight maybe you two could join us later ........ " she places her hand on Jared's chest and starts making her way down to his abdomen. Julie and I are looking at each other like she's kidding me right Her:"Then maybe after we could...." she whispers into his ear as her hand tries to go lower still but he politely stops her hand from going any lower J:"I'm sorry but as tempting as you're invitation might be we're gonna have to decline." she looks at Shannon Her:"You sure about that sugar?" She doesn't give up does she, time to teach this little girl a lesson.

I give Julie a wicked little grin J:"Nina" Me:"Don't worry .........I'll behave" J:"Uh oh,
this is gonna be good" Normally she'd join me but she's seven and half months pregnant and her baby bump would just defy the purpose. Instead she touches up her make up and moves closer to the table. I make my way over to Jared who's eyeing me with curiosity Me:"Hey Shannon my friend and I wanted to congratulate you on your amazing coffee we've never had anything quite like it" S:"Thank you that's really sweet of the two of you to say" I move in closer to Jared and place my hands on his chest, Me:"I was wondering if you and your brother would like to join us for coffee" his hands go around my waist J:"Hmmm I don't know...... this young lady already invited us for drinks and it would be rude of me to take your invitation over hers" he's kidding me right S:"You know Jared has a point and mom did raise us to be polite young men" I raise an eyebrow and give him a death look which no doubt Julie is too. Me:"Hmm.... Well that's just too bad......... see we were hoping you could join US later and maybe we could ........ " I get close and whisper in his ear "christen the jacuzzi in our suite but if you prefer to keep this up you and Shannon can bunk in the nearest broom closet and oh yeah fantasize all you want because you and Shannon will be going on a diet effective immediately and neither one of you is getting any until after the doctor gives Julie the green light to resume well ..... you know. so choose wisely pretty boy" I kiss his cheek and nibble on his ear while I discreetly rub his manhood with my thigh" the look on his face was priceless he clears his through and colors slightly, he smiles politely at the girl and leans into Shannon and relays the message. He too clears his throat S:"Hmm....... Really?" he gives Julie a wicked little grin while the girl looks on confused. Shannon makes his way to Julie while Jared caresses my cheek. J:"Well in that case how can I possibly refuse" the girl looks on in shock Her:"Heeeeey what does she have that I don't" J:"A better offer" he takes my lips sweetly.

The girl doesn't seem to want to give up without a fight Her:"Wait that so not fair I saw him first Me:"No, I did" I take his lips again Her:"Uh no I don't think......." her friend who had been quiet up to till now finally speaks up "Molly let's not be a sore looser shall we?" M:"But Amy we saw them first" A:"Thanks again guys for the pics and autographs can't wait for your next show" J:"You're welcome ladies see you there" M:"AMYYY!!!!!" A:"Say goodbye Molly" she takes a reluctant Molly with her once out of ear shot she lets Amy have it M:"Are you out of your fucken mind? We saw them first!" A:"Actually Molly ...... She was right ..... She did" M:"What!" A:"You didn't see it did you?" M:"See WHAT!!!!" A:"The engagement ring on her finger......... That was his fiancé!" M:"Oh shit!"

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