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It's been 4 months since my twins were born and they're so big,healthy and beautiful. Julian is Jared's mini me, Shannon's even started calling him little Jay. Emmy on the other hand has a little of both of us but she's starting to resemble grandma Constance more and more ever day. We've survived our first three weeks, we missed our guys so much but the welcome home sex more than made up for it. Julie apologized profusely for making fun of me in Vegas "God bug this hurts so bad I miss him so much, at least you have the little ones but me......"she starts to cry then makes me cry, if it wasn't for the babies I'd be climbing the walls too. Me:"I know bug, my body my very soul aches for Jared." J:"Oh God mama I'm so sorry I forget you miss him too" Me:"Hey at least we can be miserable together" we giggle through our tears"

On their first weekend back we go on a double date to The Gas Lamp where it all started. We've been back a couple times but tonight was special we were celebrating Shannon's Birthday and tonight is Jack's debut. He came into L490 the Monday after we discovered him, he and Cami wanted to make sure I was there, I was happy they waited too, Jared and I found him it was only fitting that we be there every step of the way. While we catch up with Nessa the boys catch up with Nikko. N:"Shannon my man, Happy Birthday hermano, so how old are you now, like 50" S:"Ha ha real funny old man" N:"So how you been Jared long time no see ever since you got rich n famous you forgot all about us little people" J:"Never Nikko we could never forget you man" S:"Hey guys can I ask you something my one year anniversary with Julie is coming up and I want to do something special but I can't figure out what to do" J:"How about a weekend getaway you could even charter a yacht" S:"Hmm that's not bad actually" Nikko looks at Shannon with curiosity N:"How much you willing to spend?" S:"Depends what you have in mind" N:"How does Cuba sound? My uncle has a villa on the beach, I could talk to him if you like?" to Jared S:"What do you think?" J:"Sound nice actually and Nina's hispanic so the language wouldn't be an issue..... that is of course ..... I mean...." S:"Are you kidding me, she'd love that" N:"So it's a deal?" S:"Umm.... yeah go for it and let me know, you've got my number but do me a favor don't mention anything to the girls until it's set in stone" N:"You got it man, I'll get right on it!" S:"Remember Jared not a word" J:My lips are sealed Shan"

We decide to join the boys Julie goes behind Nikko and in a sexy whisper Julie:"Hey sexy thing were have you been all my life?" N:"Waiting for you beautiful" Julie:"So how you been hun?" N:"Walking around with a stabbing pain in my heart" S:"Maybe you should see a doctor" N:"I don't think a doctor can help me....." he looks at Julie and pretends to tear up ".......but I'll live" Me:"Are you telling me you're still hung up on Julie?" He pretends to cry N:"She stabbed me in my heart mama but I'll survive..... somehow" he's such a drama papa I swear Julie:"Aaw I'm sorry babe" Shannon raisesq an eyebrow and pretends to be jealous S:"Babe???? Who you calling babe....babe?" She throws her arms around him Julie:"Aaaw don't tell me you're jealous baby, you know you're the only one I want.....and need" he takes her lips as he massages her hips and fondles her ass. Me:"Eeew get a room, could you at least try to behave in public" I lean back against Jared his arms go around me one hand massaging my hip the other fondling my breast Jared:"Speak for yourself angel" he kisses and nibbles on my neck Julie:"Uh huh, you were saying" N:"Still broken hearted over here!" J:"Sorry man" N:"So how are the munchkins?" Me:"They're beautiful and big, you should come by and see them some day" Nessa:"Did somebody just mention the munchkins? Oh my God Nikko you need to see them they're sooooo cute!"

We're all gushing over pictures of the twins when we hear a familiar voice C:"Jared, Nina you made it!" Me:"Of course sweetheart, we wouldn't miss it for anything in the world" C:"Thank you so much for everything" Jared:"You're very welcome Cami, and don't worry Jack is in good hands, we should know we started out here, we got signed up with L490 and the rest is history!" C:"Really?" I smile and nod Me:"I didn't discover them personally but yes. Oh and this handsome devil is Jared's brother Shannon" C:"Hi!" She blushes slightly S:"Nice meeting you Cami" C:"Nice meeting you too. You're the drummer right?" He taps the edge of the table like its a bongo drum "Yep, that's me!" She blushes again C:"Um ..... I'm uh.... Gonna go check on Jack" Jared:"So where he at?" C:"Backstage getting ready" Jared:"I'll come with you, give him a little pep talk before he goes on" C:"Sweet, thanks" they head off to the dressing room and I couldn't resist having fun with Shannon Me:"Someone's got fan!" Nikko makes his best attempt at sounding girlish "You're the drummer, right?" We all laugh S:"Would you stop! Besides I'm too old for her" Julie:"Yes you are and don't you ever forget it!" She takes his lips. Jack was amazing the crowd loved him so did we. This kid is gonna make it big I can just feel it!

A/N Fun fact: Pictured above is the bar from the real Gaslamp in Long Beach, CA

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