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Later that day we have a picnic out back, we feed the twins and put them down for their nap. We leave the sliding door open so we can hear them from our lounge chairs. We sip cold lemonade and snack on the last of our fruit. Julie puts her fork down and looks likes she's about to make a run for it but it soon passes. Me:"Are you ok Bug?" J:"I think so......... can I ask you something" Me"Sure bug, anything" she stays quiet for a bit while she collects her thoughts, and to be honest she begins to scare me, J:"I was thinking about that night at the Gaslamp and how sick you got ..... I've been having a lot of the same symptoms and...." I finally let out the deep breathe I've been holding in Me:"You think you might be pregnant!" J:"I don't know, maybe. I mean it's not so far fetched is it? I've been having the same symptoms you were.... But how? I mean we've been careful I'm on the pill I never miss one except ......" Me:"except what mama" J:"That night on the beach, I was so happy about being in Cuba with Shannon.... When we got back from the club we went straight down to the beach I guess I just forgot" her face saddens a little "...... Do you think Shannon will be mad?" I giggle through my tears as I remember my conversation with him the day before Me:"Of course not bug why would he? He loves you, this little baby is part of both of you how can he be anything but happy. The twins weren't planned and look at Jared he's the happiest he's ever been" J:"You're right, I love seeing him with them, he's such a good daddy" Me:"Yes he is mama our two Angels are his life just as yours will be Shannon's" J:"You really think I might be?" Me:"Only one way to find out" Half an hour later I come back with a home pregnancy test Julie takes it into the bathroom while I check in on the twins, they're still sound asleep she meets me in the den a few minutes later J:"It's done, I guess all we have to do now is wait"

That evening I spare Julie the aroma endused nausea and pick up dinner from one of our favorite local eateries. The boys come in just as I'm setting the table. Emmy hears her daddy's voice and she bounces up and down in her playpen streching her little arms out to him. Julian sits happily in his auntie Julie's lap, Shannon scoops him up before he can beg for his daddy S:"Hey little man whatcha you doing huh? Whatcha doing?" He lifts him up and raspberries his belly. He giggles as his chubby litttle hands try to push his head away. He looks so beautiful with Julian in his arms like Jared he loves children, he's gonna make a good daddy some day............. Jared:" Hey pretty princess did you miss me, did you miss daddy? I love you" he nuzzles her neck and cheek. She coos and giggles in his arms there's no denying it she's daddy's little girl. After dinner we retire to the den for coffee. Julie pulls out a small box and waits for Shannon to come in with the coffee. S:"I'm honored to present the first batch of home grounded and brewed Blackfuel coffee" Jared:"Smells amazing Shan" S:"It's not the final product mind you but a guinea pig of sorts but the essentials are the same" Me:"Mmm....... Smells like heaven" Julie:"I bet it taste like it too" he pours us each a cup and we decided to taste it black to better appreciate the flavor, Julie is right it does taste like heaven, normally I don't take my coffee black but Shannon's was sweet and smooth without the usual bitter aftertaste.

Halfway into our second cup Shannon notices the box S:"Hey babe is that a gift for the twins?" Julie:"Huh?..... Oh this..... actually, it's for you" she hands him the box, he eyes it with curiosity then opens it up. Inside is a teddy bear holding a smaller bear in its arms attached to it was a small note that read My sweetest ShanBear the daddy bear is you and the little one is our bear cub he doesn't get it at first and has to re-read the note. He looks at the bear in awe, he separates the smaller bear from the big bear and holds the tiny bear in his hand then it hits him, he looks at Julie with love in his eyes S:"Are you serious ........ does this mean what I think it means?" She nods with tears in her eyes Julie:"I'm pregnant sweet bear, we're gonna have a baby" He pulls her into his arms and kisses her cheek and her lips S:"So the nausea, the vomiting the dizziness it's all because of the baby?" Julie:"Uh huh" S:"Oh God baby I love you so much" Julie:"I love you more" his hand drops to her belly "I love you my sweet little bear cub I can't wait to meet you" Jared and I are also in tears it reminded me of when I told Jared I was pregnant, he had the same look of awe and wonder on his face. Jared hugs his brother tight "Congratulations Shannon you're gonna love being a dad" S:"Thank you I know I will, I see it in your eyes when you look at Julian and Emmy........ Wait you don't think" they both look at each other and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they're thinking, Both:"Naaaah"

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