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Julie wakes the following morning to the smell of coffee and vegan pancakes, she throws on Shannon's shirt and walks into the kitchen. The sight of him cooking away warms her heart, she puts her arms around him from behind and kisses the tattoo behind his ear J:"Good morning sexy bear" he turns to her and takes her lips S:"Morning Beautiful, how'd you sleep, oh wait we didn't do much of that did we?" She giggles then kisses his lips J:"No we didn't did we?" S:"You hungry love?" J:"For you, always" S:"I meant for food" she gives him a wicked little grin J:"Yeah, that too" S:"You're hopeless baby" J:"Hopelessly in love with you" he pulls her closer and kisses her passionately slipping his hands up her shirt gently caressing her bare skin S"Mmmm......... did we forget something?" She looks at him with mischief in her eyes J:"Nope" she takes his lips slipping her hand between his pants and his....... J:Mmmm......... we did forget something didn't we" he gives her a wicked little grin of his own and devours her lips. He lifts her up onto the center island and let's his lips explore her skin as he unbuttons her top. Her breathes hitches and she moans his name, they're so lost in each others touch they've forgotten all about the stove, he's devouring her sweet spot and she's cumming fast and hard when the smoke alarm goes off. J:"Uhh....... Shannon....... Mmmm....." meep meep meep S:"SHIT!!!!" He grabs the pan and hurls the burnt pancake in the sink. Julie blushes and giggles J:"Oops" Shannon smiles S:"Yeah oops, you're far to distracting Ms. Sirac as much as I love you I'm gonna have to kick you out of my kitchen" J:"Hey you started it" S:"And I promise I'll finish it later but if I'm gonna salvage breakfast I'm gonna need you to get out!" J:"Shannon!" S:"Julie" they stare at each other trying not to laugh J:"Ugh! Fine!" He takes her face in his hands and kisses her lips S:"Thank you sweetness, I love you" J:"I love you more" one last kiss and she turns to leave, Shannon playfully slaps her butt J:"Hey, no bruising the merchandise" Shannon gives her a wicked little grin S:"It's my merchandise and I'll handle it as I please."

20 minutes later they're sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying a breakfast of vegan pancakes, fresh fruit, orange juice and of course Shannon's other addiction, coffee! S:"How's your breakfast" J:"It's good, thank you baby" S:"Pancakes ok?" J:"Perfect!....... The charcoal brings out the flavor don't you think?" Julie can't help but laugh S:"Uh funny...... Comedy Central right?" J:"Baby....... it's not my fault you and Jared are notorious for burned pancakes" Shannon's eyes open wide in shock S:"Ok Missy you asked for it" he starts tickling her relentlessly she falls back onto the pillows laughing J:"Ok ok......... I give up ........ stop" he takes her lips before letting her up and they finish enjoying their meal S:"So how'd you find this place?" J:"Oh Jared and Nina set it up it's where they celebrated their anniversary" S:"Wait, what?" J:"Babe you didn't know?" S:"I knew they rented a house but ...... wait so we made love on the same bed that Jared and Nina ...... Oh Eeew...... Grosse!!!" J:"Baby It's not like they haven't washed the sheets" S:" I know baby but my brother got laid on the same bed that you and I ......." he pretends to shiver J:"Shannon, are you telling me you and Jared never shared a bed" S:"Not since Jared was 5" J:"But you're brothers" S:"Yes we are but there are somethings we just don't share. We'll just sleep out here" Julie looks at him shyly and slightly colors S:"Really!!! Is nothing sacred in this house!" Julie can't help but laugh J:"You're such drama papa babe, I swear! Besides I'm sure everything has been washed and sanitized on the off chance that I become pregnant we can always get a paternity test to make sure it's yours and not Jared's" Shannon looks at her in shock S:"Ha Ha real funny!" Julie busts up laughing

Back home Jared is being secretive and it's irking the shit out of me. He never keeps anything from me, we have an open and honest relationship and we tell each other everything so it's got me hell of confused as to why he's been acting the way he has. Just yesterday I walked in on him in the middle of a phone call and he hung up as soon as I walked in the room. I know he loves me and our babies more than anything in this world but ........ oh God I've got stop torturing myself, I've got all these crazy insane thoughts going through my head I love him so much, I'm just so terrified of loosing him. J:"Angel you ok" I flinch and gasp at the feel of his hand on my lower back Me:"huuh..... Yeah I'm ok baby" I throw my arms around him and trail kisses from his neck to his lips. Me:"Mmmm....... I love you....... so much" J:"Love you more ....... mmmm....... Angel what's wrong?" I search his eyes, I don't know what for. Everything I've been bottling up comes to the surface Me:"What are you hiding from me Jared? What aren't you telling me" J:"Baby....... where's this coming from?" Oh God are you kidding me!!!! Me:"Where? Hmm let me think, you won't take calls in front of me, you're hiding things from me ......... this is so not like you" his eyes tear up and he looks so helpless J:"Baby..... come here....." he holds out his hand and I take it reluctantly he walks us over to the couch and taps his leg, I sit down on his lap and he runs his fingers through my hair. J:"You're the love of my life, you and our babies mean everything in the world to me, you know that don't you" I look at him through tear filled eyes Me:"Yes" he takes my lips as tears fall from my eyes J:"I'm so sorry baby Shannon asked me not say anything until he had a chance to tell Julie" Me:"Tell her what Angel, I don't understand" J:"Their one year anniversary is coming up and he wants to surprise her" Me:"So you're not cheating on me, all the secrets are because of Julie's surprise?" J:"Oh God Nina.... you actually thought I was...... No No, God, Baby No! I love you so much how could you even think that?" Me:"I'm sorry ....... I'm so sorry ...... it's just...." he smiles shyly J:"I guess I looked hell of guilty huh?" I giggle through my tears Me:"Just a little"

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