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Five months later Aiden is growing and thriving, except for his mommy's button nose and sweet smile he's the spitting image of his Daddy. He's already sitting up and it didn't take long before Shannon sat down at his drum kit with Aiden perched on his lap and drumsticks in his tiny little hands with Shannon's hands over top. Shannon lightly taps the drums as Aiden looks on with curiosity. Julie walks in to say good bye to her boys and nearly goes into shock J:"There you are I've been looking all........ Shannon what are you doing?" S:"I'm teaching him how to play the drums" J:"But he's just a baby, what if he hurts himself with the drumsticks" S:"Relax babe I've got it covered" this whole time Aiden's been trying to take Shannon's hand into his mouth unfortunately for him daddy's head is in his way S:"Ouch! That hurt little bear cub" J:"You see what I mean?....." She gently pries the drumsticks from Aiden's hands and scoops him up out of Shannon's arms ".....come to mommy sweet little bear" to Shannon "You have to be more responsible baby you're a father now" S:"Sorry mom" J:"I'm being serious Shannon" S:"I'm sorry baby I just love him so much and I want to share everything I love with him" she smiles sweetly at him and sits on his lap J:"What's next Woodley Ave blend in his bottle" S:"No, actually I was thinking of starting him off light with my personal blend" Julie looks at him as if to say really J:"Please tell me you're joking" S:"I am baby, I love you...... so much" J:"I love you more" he kisses her tenderly pulling her close but Aiden is quick to remind them that he's still there, he begins to squirm and wimper in Julie's arms J:"We're sorry little bug" they both kiss and nuzzle their little cub

Back at our place I'm getting ready with my little princess at my side mimicking my every move, we'll sort of, she's still a toddler and yet to learn the fine art of makeup. I drop my lip gloss in my purse scoop up my munchkin and head downstairs to Jared's studio where he's busy sketching and writing ideas for their first music video while Julian sits on the floor with paper and crayons drawing out his next Monet for the Louvre. While the boys are busy planning and creating for their music video, Julie and I are busy planning my wedding. Today I will be picking out my wedding gown while the boys spend quality time with the kids and each other. I walk in to find Julian perched on Jared's lap, daddy is teaching him the fine points of creating and sketching while he adds his own personal touch to Jared's sketch Me:"Hey pretty boy what are you drawing papa" he looks up at me and sees Emmy and calls for her to join him. I sit her on Jared's free leg and steel a kiss from him, so does she. J:"Oh you want a kiss too huh pretty girl" he nuzzles her and makes her giggle E:"Ayuu dayee" J:"I love you too sweet angel" he turns to Julian who is still busy drawing J:"I love you my sweet little man" Julian:"Ayuu dayee" Me:"You sure you can handle both of them" J:"Don't worry baby I've got this, besides Shannon will be here with me" Me:"With a baby of his own, there's three of them and two of you" J:"Angel trust me we'll be fine I promise" he's an amazing daddy he's so good with our twins and they just adore him.

Shannon and Julie arrive with Aiden, he's getting so big and gorgeous and looking like his daddy everyday Me:"Oh my gosh look at you, you're just too precious yes you are" Julie:"Hey bug can you yell at Shannon for me?" I look at Shannon quizzically Me:"What did you do?" S:"Nothing I was just trying to spend quality time with my son" Julie:"Yeah by giving him a concussion with your drumsticks!" I look at them in shock Me:"Wait what? Shannon are you nuts what's next Woolley Ave in his bottle?" He looks at me like the hell S:"What are you, psychic twins?" Jared:"Wait you mean there's two of you?" He looks at me with a wicked little grin Me:"Jared......No, just me" Julie:"You guys are hopeless I swear you only have se....." Me:"Jewels!!!! Virgin ears" Julie giggles with me and nuzzles her son Julie:"Sorry bug" Julian and Emmy begin to beg for Aiden, Shannon places his car seat on the blanket on the floor and we sit the twins next to him, their curiosity gets the best of them and they reach into his car seat Me:"Emmy, Julian be careful babies" E:"Beebee mommy Beebee" Jared:"Yes my angel it's a baby, he's your cousin Aiden can you say Aiden" E:"ayen" Me:"That's good mama" Julian:"Beebee ayen" Jared:"Yes my sweet little man that's right" Julie and Shannon are so over joyed to see how much the twins have grown, they're talking and exploring the world around them. Jared sometimes worries that he'll miss so much of their growth on the road but I make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos for him to see, the twins love seeing him on Skype or our video calls too, it's not the same I know but it's better than nothing. Shannon too worries about missing out on Aiden but he figures if Jared and I are making it work so will he and Julie.

Me:"You sure you guys are gonna be ok all alone with kids?" Jared:"Yes Angel we'll be fine, Emmy's almost down for her nap and Julian will follow soon" he was right Emmy is resting her head on Jared's shoulder and she's fighting to keep her eyes open. Julian is yawning and rubbing his eyes, he crawls over to Jared and lays his little head on his daddy's leg. The look on Julie's face was unmistakable separation anxiety was still hitting her big time, she kisses Aiden one last time before handing him back to Shannon "He'll be ok sweetness" Julie:"I know baby it's just I miss him so much." S:"I know baby, I love you" J:"I love you more" Jared:"Don't worry sis he'll be ok" Julie:"I know Jay" a kiss for my babies and another for my love and we're out the door.

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