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We brought the twins home 3 days later, the pediatrician wanted to make sure they'd be ok so they were kept in the hospital an extra 48 hours as a precaution I couldn't bare to be separated from them so I stayed with them. When we got home we found a sweet surprise from my grandma in our bedroom, she made matching bassinets for the twins. Beautiful full tulle skirt with blue and pink trim, the inside bedding was covered in the same Damian Hurst print Julie used for the baby shower with a pink pillow and blanket for Emmy and blue for Julian. They were so beautiful and perfect since we decided to keep the babies in our room the first two weeks.

They guys did their appearance on Ellen a week later, she absolutely loved them and invited them back. Once off set Jared apologized for having to re-schedule she was so sweet telling him not to worry it was perfectly fine, she even went gaga over the twins when Jared shared their pictures with her. As far as the audience was concerned the reason for their not showing was a scheduling error in part of her staff. So love her for respecting our privacy besides how marketable would Jared be if he was attached and with children. Oh who am I kidding look at him, I'd still be drooling over him and cursing my ass wishing it was me..... wait.... what???

He's such a good daddy to our babies he gets up with me for midnight feedings, changes diapers like a pro he even sings to them when he puts them to sleep and keeps them calm during their sponge baths where with me they cry and fuss. At night we lay in bed with our sleepy twins looking into their sweet faces and eventually transfer them to their bassinets afterwards we spend quality time with each other all be it not the way we'd like. I miss his touch just as much as he misses mine, I do take care him although it leaves him feeling quilty he says it's not fair that he gets pleasured but not me. I wish I could say it's ok but truth be told I miss him I need him, these next two weeks are going to be tourture but I know it will be worth the wait.

Week 4 our twins are so beautiful and BIG, they've stretch and put on weight. They now look like normal four week old babies, wait let me rephrase that's four week old hispanic babies. They're chunkie and sweet, according to their pediatrician they're completely healthy. Constance came over and brought baby pictures of Jared and it's incredible how much Julian looks like his daddy at his age, he has Jared's eyes nose lips, you swear he made him all by himself. Emmy has a little of both of us, my fuller lips and almond eyes but hers are blue like her daddy. She has his button nose and her uncle Shannon's eyebrows. Speaking of which he spoils them rotten so does Julie they now have more toys and clothes than we know what to do with. As for Constance, they are her pride and joy she has endless conversations with the twins and they coo and giggle at the sound of her voice sometimes kicking their chubby little legs and waving their little arms up and down. Even Tomo and Vicki are having fun being an adopted uncle and auntie to the twins, Tomo wants to buy Julian a miniature guitar when he's old enough to learn to play and Vicki ...... she's already picked out the perfect puppy for when their old enough. My mom adores her grand-babies she even loves her new son but then again how can you not love him.  I love my family so much I feel so blessed to have them.

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