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Nikko and Margarita left us early, according to Julie they are spending the night at Don Ignacio's. Margarita will be helping out Nikko's aunt tomorrow while he will accompany his uncle to the plantation. In reality they are back at the house preparing the outside living area at Shannon's request, he wants everything to be prepped and ready for when they get back home tonight he was going to show her how much he loves her. The wine is chilling the strawberries and cream are ready to be eaten, the candles are lit and soft music is playing. They walk down to the beach hand in hand Julie hears the soft music playing, she looks at Shannon with curiousity and he smiles sweetly. When they reach the bottom of the steps the outdoor area is aglow with candlelight, Julie's hand goes over her lips and her eyes tear up "Shannon.... I .... I don't know what to say" S:"Then don't say anything, just enjoy it. Happy Anniversary sweet love" he pulls her in close and takes her lips Julie:"Happy anniversary sweet bear" they sip wine and nibble on the strawberries and each other. "You and I by John Legend begins to play, Shannon sees Julie's face light up and he extends his hand S:"Shall I have this dance my love" she giggles and takes his hand J:"Absolutely" he pulls her close and they dance barefoot in the sand.

He kisses her deeply his hands gently caressing her skin. Her lips savor his skin as she unbuttons his shirt and pushes it off his shoulders her lips find the tattoo on his neck and he lets out a sexy moan. He unties her dress exposing her breasts, he moans and bites his lower lip in satisfaction. He fondles her breasts as he takes her lips, the touch of his hands sending sweet shivers to her sweet spot. J:"Mmmm........ Shannon" His manhood swelling with desire for her, she can feel him through his pants begging for release. he unzips her dress and it falls to the sand he pulls her close and devours her lips, neck and chest. He kisses and nibbles her breasts S:"My sweet Jewel" he trails kisses down her belly and lower still, his lips and teeth gently grazing the delicate lace of her barely there boy shorts. The feel of his lips sends her sweet spot into a frenzy. He places her leg on his shoulder and slowly and seductively kisses the inside of her thigh, her fingers run through his hair urging him on. He pulls her panties aside and savors her sweet spot He feels like heaven, she closes her eyes tilts her head back and enjoys his touch, she moans out his name in pleasure over and over again her leg threatens to give out but he holds her tight J:"Shannon...... Shann.... mmmm" he releases her letting out a sexy growl S:"..... you taste like sin" he lowers her leg and makes his was slowly back up to her lips.

He leads her to the canopy day bed he kisses her passionately as he slowly lowers her on to the bed. He comes over her taking her in, the candlelight dancing in her hazel eyes filled with love for only him S:"You're so beautiful, you're where my heart belongs where my soul is meant to be." Tears weld up in her eyes J:"Oh Shannon, I love you so much. My heart and soul belongs to you" He devours her lips and presses his body to hers. He makes love to her like he did the first time slowly passionately. She still gasps at the feel of him as he fills her S:"Mmmm still a perfect fit" J:"Only for you" he rocks her hips slowly at first taking his time savoring her breasts, she moans in pleasure her hips arching to his touch. He speeds up his rhythm and her breathe hitches he pulls her impossibly closer devouring her neck and shoulder. With every pull and thrust he sends her body into a frenzy, the sexy moans that escape her soul turn him on even more. He moans and growls as he thrusts deeper, faster into her moist core. S:"Ugh.... mmmm....... ah fuck mmm" J:"Shan...... mmmm..... aaahhh" she runs her fingers down his back as he sends them both into a state nirvana. She gasps and shakes as he grinds faster and harder his thick hands kneading her body as he kisses and nibbles on her neck. He pulls her impossibly closer as they come together in a torrential flood.

They lie there wrapped in each other's arms softly kissing and caressing as they try to catch their breathe. Julie looks at him sweetly she caresses his cheek and he kisses her palm J:"That..... was...... incredible" S:"I wanted to show you how much I love you" J:"You did" he takes her lips again. the cool ocean breeze washes over them cooling their skin and calming their hearts . He rolls them over and she sits up, slowly rolling her hips, his fingers seductively caress her face her neck her breasts, his fingers find her sweet spot and he begins to tease her as he thrusts from below, slow at first then faster and faster. She closes her eyes and tilts her head enjoying the orgasmic waves that begin to wash over her. J:"Oh God...... Shan...... mmmm" S:"Ugh....... Mmmm......." they cum together a second time and she drops to his chest, he wraps his arms around her and hold her close J:"I love you so much" S:"I love you more" he wraps them in the blankets and they fall asleep in each other's arms listening to sound of the water gently lapping the shore.

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