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The following morning we wake to the smell of coffee and vegan pancakes, Shannon and Julie are busy making breakfast. we check in on our two little angels before heading down, they're both up. Emmy is suckling her little hand her little blue eyes trained on the crib mobile Julian sees us come in and his little arms move up and down as his chubby little legs kick and move J:"Hey little man what are you doing up so early huh?" Jared scoops him up and I scoop up Emmy Me:"Hey pretty princess what are you doing up my sweet little angel ?" A quick diaper change and we head downstairs with the twins in tow. Me:"Mmm smells amazing in here" Julie:"Morning little love bugs" she takes Emmy from me "Hey pretty bug did you sleep good" she smiles and coos at her auntie Julie. S:"Hey little man you want to help me cook?" He nuzzles Julian, Me:"Jared not to close to the stove baby" Jared:"Relax angel I've got him" to Shannon "You two are fired by the way" Julie giggles "From what? Why?" Me:"For falling asleep on the job" Jared:"and don't forget fucking on the job" S:"Technically you were already home so we were off the clock" Jared:"You were still on the job site dumb ass" they both blush and giggle Julie:"Maybe if you weren't so loud we wouldn't of gotten any ideas. Oh Jared Mmmm" Me:"Shut up!!!" Jared:"You try going without getting any for two months see how you like it!" They both laugh Me:"Can we cut the sex talk there are virgin ears in the room" S:"I'm sorry little man mommy's right" to Jared "Well you were pretty loud" Constance walks in the door with vegan muffins. C:"Morning my loves, did everyone sleep ...... Nina! Jared! What are these babies doing in the kitchen! Jared:"Mom they're fine we've got this" C:"Jared you're too close to the stove, you're a father now sweetheart you have to be more sensible" to Julian "Hi my precious angel,how are you" she takes him from Jared S:"Mooom I was gonna teach him the fine art of vegan pancakes" C:"He's four weeks old Shannon relax there'll be plenty of time for cooking lessons when he's older." Julie and I giggle S:"Mom I'm not Jared I won't burn the pancakes" Jared:"I do not burn my pancakes why does everyone keep saying that?" Me:"Don't listen to him baby Shannon's just trying to be a comedian"

After breakfast the boys go into the studio to talk shop! They're working on their first video Jared wants to try something different, rather than simply standing in front of the camera and singing he wants the video to have meaning and depth. I like his ideas thus far a bit unconventional yes but truly artistic. City of Angels is my favorite thus far not just because it's my home town but because it's a tribute to our beautiful city a love letter if you will. Marcus is even lining up VIPs to be interviewed for the video, Jared wants to showcase other Artist and their struggles to make it in the industry as well as their own. He also wants to showcase young people like Jack who quite literally pound the pavements performing at the promenade, and the local clubs. Oh that reminds me I need to call Marcus, get his portfolio ready and put a call into Andy about booking him a regular gig at The Gas Lamp. Jared said Jack reminded him of their own struggles when they first started and wants to try and help him any way he can.

Marcus and I are also working on new press kits for their up coming tour, they'll be opening for Linkin Park during the second leg of their U.S. Tour. They'll be gone for three stints if 3 weeks at a time, we miss them already. Now that we have the twins traveling is gonna be more of a challenge, oh who am I kidding it's gonna be a virtual impossibility traveling with a baby is no easy task let alone two. I'm happy for them and proud, really proud but I'm also scared I'll basically be a single parent while Jared's away, Julie's volunteered to stay with me a few days a week to help me out but knowing her like I do she'll miss Shannon just as much as I'll miss Jared and she'll be here more than at home so she won't be sleeping in an empty bed, I know how painful that can be. The good thing is we'll have our little love bugs to keep us company. Julie loves them so much and they love her too! They adore their grandma Constance, she spoils them rotten. they're so cute to watch when she talks to them they coo and giggle moving there little arms and legs. If I didn't know any better I'd say they're carrying on a full conversation with her.

While the boys are talking shop we get to spend quality time with the twins and Constance. I love how she never tires of me asking questions she even surprised us when she told Julie to pay attention "It's very important to remember these things honey eventually you and Shannon are going to have kids and it's good to learn from Nina's mistakes" Me:"Moooom!" C:"I'm kidding sweetheart you're the best mom these precious little angels could ever have" Julie tears up C:"Julie, sweetheart what wrong?" J:"Nothing it's just ..... I love Shannon so makes me so happy that you think of me as one of your own" C:"Sweetheart you and Nina are the best thing that could have ever happened to my boys, I'd be proud and honored to call you my daughters" now I'm tearing up, we both kiss her cheeks Me:"Thank you mom I love you" C:"I love you too" J:"Thank you Constance so much" C:"Sweetheart call me mom and I love you too" J:"And I love" this beautiful soul gave life to our two beautiful men that we love so much and for that we will be forever grateful. Her love but more importantly her acceptance, to us, was priceless.

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