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Date night!!!!!! Julie and Shannon are babysitting the twins while Jared and I have our first date in months. Where going to dinner at the Promenade followed by a walk on the Pier then the beach. Must've gone over every detail twice if not more, it's the first I'm leaving my angels alone and separation anxiety is kicking in big time. Julie:"Relax love bug they'll be fine, Shannon and I will take good care of them" Jared:"Don't forget to add a shallow teaspoon of cereal in their last bottle so they'll sleep through the night" S:"You already said that Jay relax they'll be fine" Me:"Oh and make sure not to cover Emmy's face she doesn't like the blanket of her face" Julie:"Oh God mama..... You'll only be gone a few hours, relax guys we got this" we look at each other and take a deep breathe we hug them both and walk out the door we've only taken a few steps when I grab a hold of his arm Me:"I can't ......... Baby I can't leave them" J:"Angel I know you're worried, so am I but you've been cooked up in this house for last 2 months you need this baby" Me:"I know ....." J:"They'll be fine love I promise" he kisses my lips and I melt into his arms in anticipation of our alone time Me:"Ok..... I love you Jay" J:"I love you more"

Dinner was amazing we walked along the promenade soaking up the atmosphere and checking out the local talent. This one kid with a guitar catches our attention and we watch him play Jared leaves a generous tip in the kid's fedora we walk away and a young girl follows, Her:" Excuse me sir I just wanted to say thank you Jack and I really....." We turn to face her and her voice trails off as she recognizes Jared. Her:"Oh my God you're ......Jared Leto" he puts his finger over his mouth and winks J:"Shhhhh... So what can you tell me about Jack." Her:"Jack's been playing the promenade and a few local clubs for the past six months put he's been playing since he was 11." Me:"What's your name sweetheart" Her:"Camille but everyone calls me Cami" Me:"Hi Cami I'm Nina, I work for a local promotion agency not far from here, L490 Promotions why don't you guys stop by tomorrow ask for Marcus Ridley he'll take care of you, I'll let him know you're coming" C:"Will you be there?" Me:"I'm on maternity leave but I'll be in on Monday" she looks at Jared and back at me and smiles big C:"Sweet, congrats. thank you both so much" J:"Our pleasure" before she leaves us she asks for a picture and Jared happily obliges she thanks us again and turns to leave then turns back one last time C:"Jared Nina, you're secret's safe with me" she's too sweet.

We forgo the Pier and go for walk along the beach, it's cool and breezy but it's not cold. We walk hand in hand letting the water kiss our bare feet Me:"God I've missed this, I've missed you" he kisses my lips" J:"I've missed you more" we steal kisses and giggle as we walk we find a empty stretch of beach and something catches Jared's attention J:"Come on" Me:"Jared where we going?" He's heading toward a lifeguard tower as we get closer I see what caught his attention.... it's unlocked! We sneak in and he devours my lips J:"You've been denied my touch for too long my sweet angel and I don't want to make you wait any longer" Me:"Jay what if we..." Oh God!!!! He devours my neck as he unzips my dress his lips travel down my neck to my chest and he conquers my breast. His lips feels like heaven the way his hands touch my skin sets my very soul on fire. His lips travel down my belly and lower still he looks up at me with a wicked little smile and mischief in his eyes. I run my fingers through his hair and give him a mischievous look of my own, he's right I've been denied his touch for too long.

He gently pulls my lace undies down laying kisses on my skin, he nibbles and kisses the inside of my thigh he teases me with his lips my hips tilt to his touch, my sweet spot wanting more. God how I've missed him, he devours my sweet spot, in seconds I'm in a complete state of intoxication my breathing hitches the moans escaping my soul are unrecognizable. My leg's about to give out and my body shakes uncontrollably Me:" Dear.... God.... Jare...... aaaaaah ....... mmmm" his mouth is driving me insane, I have one hand on the wall next to me the other in his hair. My leg threatening to give out as I struggle to keep him in place. He finally gets up, my lady parts still throbbing from the pleasure he just provided me with. He takes off his shirt and drops his pants and briefs and crashes into me rocking and thrusting my hips mercilessly his lips kissing and nibbling my neck and chest J:"Dear God....... mmmmm I've missed you" he devours my lips sending me into a state of delirium my fingers dig in down the length of his now sweaty back Me:"Mmmmm........ can't believe .....aaaaah ....... I went this long without you" our grunts and moans can most likely be heard outside but we don't care, we've been deprived of each other's touch for far too long. A few final thrusts and we cum together, when we finally catch our breath he smiles J:"That was fucken amazing, we should do this more often" I giggle and kiss his lips Me:"You always are, and you're insane" J:"But you love me anyway" Me:"That I do my love" we get dressed and sneak out of the tower and go home to finish what we started.

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