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Not every story has an interesting start, a pulling middle or a happy ending. Some come with sick meanings, twisted words and heart clenching ends. Some may describe someone they love as their favorite book, when they refer to that book it doesn't mean everything is perfect on the inside, sure the cover is pretty but what's a book without some twists? What's love without some twists?

That's simply it, there isn't. No matter how hard you search, how far you search, love will always be the most heartbreaking experience of ones life. During the moment it's all a bliss and if you make it to the end of time together, you have to watch your partner fade away one day. Whether they leave you young, or slip into the next room when they take their last breath.

Loss is the only thing greater than love, and what I feel right now, Y/n, is beyond any of those things. I adored you with my whole being, with each breath and every beat of my heat. Each day you was with me, you had stolen what was left of my heart and from that day, I became you. I wanted to do things for you. My everyday choices were the ones you would have made. Each passing day, my heart became you as a whole.

And just like that, the power of loss flooded over me, killing all hope I had left, washing away all of you like you were never there. You gave me excitement, you showed me love and gave me hope, I wished to give you the same back but now all I see when I think of you is your eyes, looking so empty as you looked back at me, fighting to stay here for me.

I let you rest, forever now, my love, but what I didn't know was I was taking my own as I let you leave. With you gone, I lay awake, restless in our bed, hoping to see you once more so we can live our lives together just as we had planned.

You always told me death was nothing at all, and they had only slipped into the next room, but where is this room? I'm searching for you, knowing you're not coming back but, please Buttercup, I'm longing for you, my heart is nothing without you, I am nothing without you. I'm not giving up on you until I slip into that room you talked so deeply about.

I'll be here, waiting for my time until I can see your pretty face once more.

yours forever and always, Natalia.

The end.

Thank you to all of you for taking your time to read this story. I owe you so much for that and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed providing this story for you.

(This story has a sequel: Miss Impossible)

I love you all! Stay safe and my messages are always open if you ever need someone to talk to🫶

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