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"I'm surprised he agreed to this."

"He's not always stubborn." Wanda chuckled as you read over the menu, thinking wisely on your choice.

"I've noticed." You replied, you knew Tony liked to act stubborn with you but deep down he only wanted to have a good, trusting relationship with you.

"How's Natasha been with you?" Wanda changed the subject and looked up at her.

"We've talked once and it wasn't a direct conversation." you shrugged, not caring about the relationship between the two of you. At least you had Wanda so there was her.

"She'll get used to you." She shrugged and the waitress came over to take both of your orders. You both kept it simple, nothing like a big meal but enough to cure the hunger that you both had.

"I don't think she will." You sighed as the waitress left to give the chef your orders.

"She will." And by the tone of her voice you could tell she was serious but you couldn't believe her, not with how Natasha was towards you. You couldn't blame her though as you did act like a crazy person when the two of you were alone but what she didn't see was that it wasn't so much of your doing.

"Who's that young boy I saw early? Curly hair." You changed the topic to cut the awkwardness that began to grow between the two of you.

"Oh that's Peter, you may have heard of him before, you know, Spiderman?" You pursed your lips, thinking before shaking your head.

"Never heard of him, he seems nice though."

"He's very talented, Tony recruited him not too long ago." You hummed in response and the waitress came over with your drinks.

"Your food will be right with you." She said, smiling between the two of you.

"Thank you," Wanda responded, taking her drink to her lips once she left, "what's that look about?"

"What look?"

"That look." She chuckled, pointing to your face.

"I have no look." You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to wave her off.

"You do." She smiled widely, teasing you with her words.

"No, that's just my face. Are you saying I look weird?" You fake gasped as you brought your hand up to your heart, trying to act offended, "you really hurt my feelings, Wanda." You joked and she laughed lightly.

"Oh shut up." She let out between her small laughs and you just smiled in response, rolling your eyes jokingly.

"Your food, ladies." The waitress placed down the plates with your orders and backed up from the table.

"Thank you," Wanda smiled once more, the waitress giving her a nod as a 'you're welcome' before leaving, "There's that look again." Wanda whispered, a smirk at her lips.

"Oh please."

You headed back to the tower after your meal, everyone sitting in the living quarters and looking at you and Wanda curiously as you entered. "What?" You questioned, a slight hint of annoyance in your tone.

"We're surprised you didn't run off." Natasha replied cockily, her arms folded over her chest.

"As if she could run from me." Wanda shot back, narrowing her eyes playfully at you, a small smile at her lips.

"I'll be in my room." You told them all and walked off.

"Actually, the parties tonight so you don't have long." You heard Tony's voice call after you.

"Okay," You replied, "I'll be in my room then, getting ready, of course." You headed for the elevator and stepped inside when the doors opened for you.

Unlocking your door you entered, heading to the closet to pick out something to wear with the very small selection you had to choose from, you had none of your own clothes as you were taken without your own say but Pepper was nice enough to pick out some outfits for you so that was something. You picked out a maroon low cut top, a leather jacket to go on top and some leggings. You would think about shoes after your shower, so that's what you did. You locked your door from the inside, the only one that was accessible without a key, before you undressed and stepped into the streaming water. You relaxed under the hot water and grabbed a bottle of shampoo, pouring some into your hand before massaging it into your hair.

You took your sweet time, finally having some peace alone until you dried yourself off including your hair as you sat at the desk in your towel. You applied some light makeup until you decided that you would get into your clothes.

You dressed yourself and looked in the mirror, wondering if you should do something to your hair or leave it how it was. You looked at the time and saw you didn't have long left so decided to leave it how it was before picking out a pair of black boots and slipping them on, completing your outfit. 

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