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Natasha's chest rose and fell in an unsteady pace as her eyes stayed locked on yours, "I can't trust you." She gritted out, a small sad smile appearing on your face that was completely unplanned.

"I get it," You started, your eyes watering a little before you forced the tears to stay back, "I get it Natasha, I really do," you chuckled softly, "so prove it." Her face faltered, looking at you like you were crazy, but to her you were beyond that.

"What?" Your smile turned from soft to sick, not knowing how to act with her anymore.

"Kill me, but remember," She waited for you to finish, the knife pressing more into your neck now, "if I wanted to harm you, I would have the minute you stepped foot in that room." And you were right, you didn't want to hurt her, not now anyway. You've had your chances just like you have with the others but they never once gave you a reason to.

"Who are you?" She gritted out and you chuckled, finding this conversation funny once more.

"Oh please baby, I've told you," With that she lowered the knife and thought to walk away, but instead she swung and her fist landed you in your jaw, a wave of shock flowing threw you, stupidly not expecting it, "there was no need for that." You grumbled and pushed past her, taking your almost cold plate of food and walking off to your bedroom to eat it there.

Natasha didn't move from the kitchen, her mind racing with confusion and anger, her chest rising and falling faster than usual. She didn't know what to do with you anymore and it was never like her to let that happen, but you were just too smart with her. And that's not even half of it.

You slumped on your bed, careful not to spill the food, too much mess for your liking. You took your time in eating and once you did you set the plate on your desk not wanting to face Natasha again for another 20 years at the least. You lay down once more and as Natasha wasn't here to stop you this time, you fell off into a light sleep that you've been craving for the past few days.

You woke to a knock on your door, you sat up with a groan, cursing whoever was on the other side. You groggily stood up and dragged yourself over to open it to see Natasha on the other side, you rolled your eyes and before you had the chance to say something to her she pushed you in and closed the door behind her.

"Don't dare to say a word," You shot her a challenging look but stayed silent to let her speak, "I've spoke with Tony, you join the team and work for us, good money is what you're promised and also safety, but you have to tell us everything you have about who you're working for and-" You went to cut her off but she raised her hand to stop you, "and, we know- I  know, that you are working undercover for HYDRA, or someone against us. So get talking, I won't tell the team and neither will you."

"I have enough money, thank you." You crossed your arms over your chest and straightened your posture and her face didn't switch from her serious look.

"You don't have protection."

"I have myself." She scoffed and you rolled your eyes.

"You know that's not enough, I've seen you train."

"No you haven't." you let out in almost a mumble but she heard you.

"So you are hiding something, you slipped." Her smirk grew and you wanted to just get it all over and done with but it wasn't all so easy.

"As if I'd tell you."

"I won't say a word." You felt yourself coming closer to just admitting why you were actually there, closer by each second that she stood in front of you.

"I have no idea who HYDRA is." You told her truthfully, you had never heard that name before you stupid foot in this tower.

"Bullshit." She pushed, her eyes narrowing at you.

"I was approached by some man, he offered me 50 million dollars to get him information on some people, Tony being one of them, I didn't know who he was when I got here, I wasn't meant to come here," You began and you knew this was the wrong idea to start with but you had given up, "he set me a series of missions, I had completed them all, this being my final one. He gave me some coordinates and that led to the underground bunker you guys caught me from, he told me Tony has information on my family and I need it to be able to... reset."

"What information does he want?" She asked, calmer than you expected her to be.

"I don't know, he never told me that much, he said to give him whatever I found."

"Hmm," she hummed, pausing for a minute and the door behind her opened, "You hear that Stark?" The redhead's eyes never leaving yours, a smirk plastered on her face.

"Good work Romanoff."

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