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By the use of your powers, you couldn't stay up much, falling when you went over the top with them. Wanda helped you up each time, checking you were ready to go again before she let you. You needed this and possibly a lot more than you thought.

You've never used your powers to its full extent but you knew what the risks of doing that could be, your parents warned you about it all those years ago and ever since then you didn't dare to try it because who knew better than the creators?

You knew what the furthest you could go was so you never pushed yourself to do more, but with this training you found how to use them in more efficient ways. You knew you had made the right choice trusting the Avengers and choosing to work for SHIELD, you just hoped this wouldn't all turn around and stab you in the back, or should you say, the back of the neck. With how everyone was being with you, you couldn't see it happening but you could never push it aside for a 'what if'.

Going back into the compound, you headed straight to your room to take a shower, as you didn't have the chance to when you came back from the mission. You locked the door behind you and turned on the hot running water, undressing yourself before you stepped inside and let the warm water stream down your body.

"Y/n! There you are, I have something for you." You turned around, seeing Tony jogging up to you as you left the kitchen.

"Oh hey Stark, what is it?" You asked him, taking a spoonful of yogurt in your mouth.

"Follow me, I think you're gonna like it." He smiled to himself and you followed him into his newly built lab. You looked around at all the advanced tech, impressed at it all as you've never been in his lab at the tower either. It was the first time you saw his work and it was all intriguing to you. He went over to his desk and opened his drawer before he fished out a medium sized black box, "open it." He told you as he placed it in your hand.

You looked at him with curiosity and opened up the box, a beautiful silver bracelet lay in it and you looked at him with a smile, still wondering what this was for. "T-thank you, but may I ask wh-" he put his hand up to stop you and he took it out, telling you to hold out your hand. He unclasped the bracelet and carefully placed it on your wrist, closing it as he did so.

"This is my offer for you to become a member of the Avengers, we see you as family now. You have gained our trust and you are a very skillful young woman, and because of that, you are one of us." He spoke and you smiled at him, lost for words for the one time in your life. "So, what do you say?"

"I mean... of course! I would love to, and thank you, really." You felt like hugging the older man but pushed it away so you didn't ruin the moment, all your thoughts being proven.

"I love to hear it, and also it does more than look pretty," he smirked and pressed in a gem that sat on the clasp, a white and gold leather forming up your arms as it grew to your shoulders before finishing on your whole body with a snug fit. You examined the suit, the seams gold and the base white, a hood of silk behind your head with a cloth mask under your chin.

"I- I can't believe it. How did you-" You stumbled over your words, breathing out a laugh of shock as you looked up to the man who was happy with your reaction but impressed with his work, "This is awesome! Thank you so much Tony!" You flung your arms around the older man, causing him to stumble a little. At first he didn't hug you back but when he did, he patted your back a few times before you both pulled away.

"Stop thanking me, you're family now, kid." You beamed up at him, genuinely lost for words and pressed the button once more to bring your suit in.

You walked out of his lab not long after that, a small spring to your step as you made your way over to the living quarters where you saw Steve and Nat talking. "What has you so happy?" Cap asked, his eyebrow raised as he patted the seat next to him.

"Oh nothing." You replied, fighting back the smile that was coming to your face but the glint in your eyes gave it all away.

"Have you been with Wanda by any chance?" He wiggled his eyebrows and you glanced at Natasha to see how her small smile turned into a solid glare.

"Nope." You popped the p and sat down beside Nat instead, making his eyebrow perk up. "I was with Tony." 

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