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The two of you fell asleep that night, legs tangled under the sheets as you held each other tightly, too afraid of letting the other go as if one of you were to slip away from the moment.

You had it all, everything you've been longing for, all because of her.

Yelena didn't stick around for long, she stayed for two nights before she left, thanking you when you offered your place for whenever she needed it. Your things are your family's things. Not Nat though, Nat was yours.

You were in your room at the compound, sitting on your bed with the company of Wanda. Nat was on a mission and wasn't going to be back until Friday, that being two days' time.

Wanda caught you up on the latest, mostly about Kate and how well she was fitting in with everyone. She was a good addition to the team, at least that's what everyone was saying. You hadn't seen her fight, nor train, but you took their words for it knowing they're the experts.

"I was thinking, when Nat gets back, we can all go on a well deserved vacation. I've spoken to Tony about it and he gave us the go ahead." Wanda told you, eating her ramen as she spoke.

"I think that would be nice, we could do with a break every now and then." You agreed, watching her as you spoke.

"A girls trip, we'll bring Kate too, get to know her more."

"She would love that actually, she seems to enjoy being around us." You noted out loud, knowing it was a good idea to bring Kate along.

"We're admired all over the world, what can we say." Wanda smiled cheekily and you rolled your eyes in protest.

"We're also hated all over the world." You told her, pointing your finger at her and she groaned.

"We try our best, right?" The words seemed like she was trying to convince herself more than you, actually wanting to believe she was doing the right thing.

"Of course," You offered her a reassuring smile, "we may be disliked but we do whatever we can to help."

"And we give kids a real example of their favorite superheroes." She replied, making you giggle.

"Okay, okay, we're not superheroes, but we're the best example of them."

"Yeah, you're right." She laughed, digging back into her food.

Not long after, you had more company in your room when Kate and Lucky joined the two of you. You let her in on the information about how you were all going on vacation when Nat was back and she smiled widely, loving the idea.

You were surprised Tony let Lucky stay but he understood and began to love the dog like his own, so much he even began building him some things in the yard to play with along with buying him toys and providing him his own security. It was great to see how much love the dog got from the billionaire but Kate thanked him each day for it. It also became a joke between the avengers, mostly about how the dog got more care than Thor did because he had a lot to complain about when he found out.

He used the excuse of being a God that he should have all the love and protection but when Lucky licked his hand he immediately melted and fell in love with him. It was a funny thing to see and quickly became another story to be told at each party that would come in the future.

Tony was showing Peter his new invention, or upgrade, that was to Peter's suit and Peter loved it from what you heard when he went around the compound to tell everyone what it was.

Peter and Kate grew close, best friends at that, they spent most of their time together when the older ones were doing their own things up until the time Peter left to go back home to his aunt. You had told Wanda and Kate about the visit from Nat's sister, leaving out the sister bit, and once she was mentioned Kate went on to tell her story of how she met the black widow assassin and grew to admire the woman who had shown her so much.

The compound became a place of peace, no news about new missions or attacks around the country, it was quiet for so long and everyone loved it although they were quite unsettled by the sudden peace but chose to spend their time enjoying the peace whilst they could.

"You look like a lost puppy." Steve chuckled when he looked at you, opening the fridge to get a can of soda.

"Me or lucky?" You gestured towards the dog who lay quietly on the floor, his chin resting on his paws.

"You, although he does look bored." He stated, eyeing the dog as you watched as his face scrunched up in thought. "Wanna take him on a walk?" He grinned at you, already going to find his leash before you had time to reply to him, making you shake your head at the older man's actions.

"Looks like we're going out, buddy." You sighed down at the dog who's head perked up at you, his tail wagging as you stood with your hands on your hips.

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