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Bruce ran a test on your blood sample, it looked normal but he could see the difference here and there so he looked deeper into it. He traced it all the way back to Russia, guessing your parents were from there he looked past it. But when he looked deeper he found something interesting, unusual at that. Your blood had been mixed, how was it possible? He wasn't sure. The blood that had been mixed with yours wasn't cooperating with your powers so they tried to kill off the cells itself but clearly haven't been able to. He unknowingly found the answers you've been needing for the past 11 years of your life.

He hadn't explained this to you yet as he needs more time to be certain but he had spoken with Tony about it, the blood that wasn't originally yours was something of evil, slowly manipulating you to be something of itself, that being the worst version of yourself. As Bruce found this out, he soon came to the realization that normal human blood wouldn't cause this much of a change, it had to have been mixed with someone else of power who used it in the wrong ways.

"You coming down?" Steve asked the doctor, his hand on the door frame waiting for a quick answer as the soldier was growing hungry.

"No I'm..." he waved his hands around his work, too focused to answer. Steve got the message and nodded his head before he left for the kitchen.

As he opened the fridge to get some fillings for the sandwich he was about to make, he looked over to the couch to see you, Natasha and Bucky sitting there. "When are you going to stop questioning the poor girl?" Steve chuckled as he buttered his bread.

"Thank you." You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest as you slumped back.

"We're trying to figure out what caused her... breakdown, let's say." Bucky told Steve, you arched a brow at him.

"That was no breakdown." You fought back.

"You tried to kill me, and Wanda in that case." Natasha reasoned with you, her voice still cold with you even after all this time.

"Like you haven't?" You scoffed, shaking your head and Steve and Bucky fell quiet, wanting to know what you meant by that but didn't dare to make a sound.

"If I wanted to, I would have."

"Oh so now you're saying you didn't want to kill me?" You smirked at her, "aw, baby," you fake pouted and she rolled her eyes at you, "that's so thoughtful. I'm moved, honestly." You placed your hand on your heart in a sarcastic manner and Steve stifled his laugh as Bucky looked between the two of you, questioning what was happening.

"You're lucky you saved my life because I'm saving yours by not ripping your goddamn head off." Her eyes were dark with anger and you knew you had annoyed her, and it was so easy to do so.

"She saved your life?" Steve cut in, eating his Sandwich as he leaned against the kitchen side.

"She's exaggerating, she lost about a shot glass full of blood." Bucky chuckled at this and Natasha forced herself to stay seated, or at least that's what she wanted to believe because in reality, she was enjoying you talk like this and not throwing things in her direction, tackling her to the ground and burning her arm like you did four days prior.

"Never took you for such a wuss, Romanoff." The soldier snickered, and she shot him a glare, making him clear his throat slightly.

"I'll be sure to let you bleed out when it comes to it Buttercup." She winked at you jokingly, but you knew she was serious with her words.

"Bit harsh." Bucky commented, looking over to Steve who just shrugged.

"What's Bruce working on anyway?" Steve asked openly, taking a seat next to Bucky.

"My blood." You grumble, taking your cup off the table in front of you.

"Why?" Everyone's eyes turned to you, waiting for an explanation.

"Something about my powers, I don't know." You waved off and Steve nodded understandingly

The four of you sat around on the two couches and talked about anything that was brought up for the next hour. It wasn't a personal conversation, only about previous missions and serious topics like who the man was that had set you on your mission which you had no information on, Natasha was wary over that but didn't say anything as she didn't want to cause anything more. Not in that moment anyway.

The topic of Tony's party got brought up and Steve forced you to say yes to going, as if you had a choice anyway. You weren't sure what the reason was but you thought you would find out when the days got closer to it.

When you were all ready to get up to do something useful, Bruce rushed in looking for you. "I found something." His voice was serious and your hopes grew higher as did the concern.

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