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Not much had changed since you first arrived, everyone was nicer to you sure, but they were all still wary of you, all but Wanda. And oh, Natasha was no where close to nicer, she still treated you like she knew your acts, and you let her. You had to lure her in, so what other choice did you have?

a SHIELD meeting was being held, with all the information on the mission they were about to go on. You couldn't hear any of it as Natasha locked you back in your room to stop any funny business. You took this time to actually look around the room, taking in the light gray painted walls, the flower pot that sat on the near-to-empty desk in the corner of the room and the bed that took up most of the room. There was so much to look at...

You groaned in frustration as you laid back on the bed, the emptiness of the room feeling like it was swallowing you up day by day, you just wanted out but knew now wasn't the time.

Twenty long minutes passed and the lock on the door clicked, not bothering to look up at who it was hoping they'd think you were asleep with the way you lay on your side with your eyes closed, actually hoping sleep would take you. The room was silent and you thought that whoever it was had left but you found yourself wrong as the end of the bed dipped in. Everywhere else was silent now, everyone must have left for their mission already. "Just you and me buttercup, get up." As she spoke to you this time her voice was laced with less annoyance, less anger, more sweetness. You knew exactly what this was.

"Just give me five minutes." You tried to wave her off, actually needing your sleep.

"No, get up," You groaned into the pillow you lay on, wanting her to think you were letting yourself be vulnerable to her.,"up." You threw the covers off you and threw the red head an annoyed look before forcing yourself to climb out of bed.

You followed her out of your room, carefully watching her every move incase she attempted to kill you dead on the spot, although she wouldn't be able to but that's besides the point.

You didn't speak the first words, too focused on her as she turned for the elevator to head down to the kitchen. You stepped inside after her and stood in silence as you lowered down a floor. There was already breakfast made, you weren't sure who made it but if it was her you couldn't help but think she had poisoned it in some way. "Take a seat," She told you and you sat yourself around the kitchen table, "you hungry?" She asked you as she turned to meet your eyes from the kitchen island.

"Not really." You mumbled, she nodded her head as an okay before asking you if you were thirsty. This time you accepted the drink, your mouth dry for whatever reason. "Where's Wanda?" You asked, only feeling fully welcomed by her.

"On the mission, I had to stay this time." You heard her sigh and you guessed that was because she was the one who had to watch over you like a child, or in this case, a prisoner. You nodded slowly, taking the drink from her hands and bringing it to your lips. "Whilst it's just us, talk." I rolled my eyes, not wanting to go over the same thing over and over again.

"I've told you everything." She shook her head slightly, lowering her head to hide the small smile forming over her lips.

"I won't push you on that anymore," What she meant by that was she was going to try gain your trust before turning on you, you could see it a mile off but you played on.

"Oh," Your voice was small, a quiet noise which made the Redhead make her way closer to you, pulling a seat out next to you, "What do you mean then?"

"I don't know anything about you." There it was, the simple statement which held much more meaning behind it.

"I can say the same."

"Name?" She asked you as if she didn't already know it yet and that made you realize she was the only one you told, never hearing any of the others calling you by that, only small nicknames they had created for you.

"Y/n L/n," Her eyebrow cocked and you took another sip of your drink, "You?" You asked, already knowing the answer after hearing her name being called out each day, including last.

"Natasha Romanoff," She spoke simply, "siblings?"

"uhm," you paused for a moment, always stuck on that simple question you knew the answer to right away, "Out of contact, many years." Was the best you could explain.

"Why?" You placed your glass down letting out a sigh, did you really want to tell her the truth? It wasn't a safe move and you knew it, but a game's a game.

"I was cut off by him after our parents passed, he wanted to start over," So you told her part truth, you were cut off by him many years ago, but not for the reason you gave, "do you have any?" The question seemed to throw her off, the same as it did you.

"No, no I'm an only child." You felt like she was lying but you didn't really care, it's not like either of you were being honest, right? "Single? Taken? What?" She asked and you smirked as you raised your eyebrow slightly, wanting to make a joke of it but decided otherwise.

"Single, newly."

"Newly? How long ago?" Question after question was what the conversation turned into, lies and straight up bullshit was thrown in from both sides, both of you being completely unaware it was that way.

The hours passed and the sun began to set, the two of you in the kitchen making food to eat, silently working around each other grabbing things to add until it was beginning to come together nicely. You set the plates ready to serve both of your meals, that was until the assassin grabbed you harshly pressing you against the wall with a knife to your throat. "You best start talking before I slit your fucking throat." Her eyes flashed over with a look of worry for a slight second when she felt something against her side. Ready for this moment you had prepared yourself for if she decided to make a move. She didn't say another word but as you looked at her serious state, you dropped your knife to the ground.

"Natasha," You spoke softly, your eyes piercing hers, "I'm not going to hurt you." You whispered and in that moment, you've never meant anything more than those words. 

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