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"You ready?" Steve asked after he knocked on your door. You nodded your head and left, walking to the elevator with him at your side.

You didn't exchange much words with each other but it wasn't long until you stepped out, the music already hitting your ears with a loud base. People you had never seen before, obviously, were sitting around, dancing, drinking and talking with each other. There were dozens of them and you were already bored. "Come with me." Steve whispered, lowering down to your height so you could hear him. You followed behind him and watched as he greeted people in all directions, a forced smile on his face as he repeated the words 'it's so nice to have you' on behalf of Tony who you had not yet seen.

He lead you over to the bar where he took a seat, the one redhead behind it who you knew wasn't happy you were here but she tried to hide it. "What can I get you both?" She smirked up at Steve, happy she was behind the bar and not involved in all the dancing that was taking place.

"Two of your best, ma'am." Steve replied back in a flirting manner, Natasha shook her head with a small smile before going to pour the two of you some drinks.

"Here you are," She pushed them towards you both and you looked at it curiously, "What?"

"You haven't poisoned it, have you?" You asked, and Steve chuckled as he raised his glass before taking a sip, pulling a face at how strong it was.

"I way more subtle than that." You found yourself smiling at that, rising your eyebrows before taking it to your lips.

"Strong." Steve told you, coughing only slightly.

"Such a baby." You teased, letting the alcohol slip down your throat with ease.

"Don't tempt me to out drink you." He played, taking his drink down in one, pulling a face once more.

"Another round." You told Natasha and she laughed, leaving to get you both another round of drinks.

As the night came closer to the end, both you and Steve were falling all over the place, neither of you letting the other win. You wanted to give up and so did he but neither of you wanted to admit it, your dignity too high.

"Another... two." The soldier slurred, placing his empty glass on the bar.

"I think you've both had enough," Natasha told the pair of you, you both looked at each other and back at her before bursting out into laughter, "Children." She mumbled under her breath before leaving to get the last round of drinks for you.

Steve took it and downed it all in just a couple of seconds, treating it like it was a shot. You looked at his actions and copied them, the sting from the alcohol no longer there as you were already too drunk to feel it. "I feel like I'm... going to.. throw up." Steve told you, leaning his head on the bar, finally taking defeat.

You cheered, a lazy smile spreading across your face, feeling genuinely proud of yourself for beating the soldier. The three of you were interrupted when Tony started his speech.

You tried to listen in, but was unable to as his words went straight over your drunken state. "What's he saying?" You whispered loudly.

"I don't know." Steve replied, his eyes wide as he watched the billionaire with curiosity, suddenly very intrigued on what he had to say.

Everyone other than the team had left and it was now the early hours of the morning, you and Steve sat next to each other, holding on to each other feeling like you were falling down. "How much did they drink?" Thor asked, pointing at the two of you.

"I lost count." Nat shrugged, looking over at you both.

"They're so going to regret that in the morning." Wanda spoke with a chuckle, taking the bottle from the table and taking a sip before passing it round.

"We won't." You and Steve said at the same time.

"God, I'm so drunk I can't feel my feet." Tony groaned, swiping a hand over his face.

"That may be because Cap is sitting on them." Bruce shrugged and Tony looked down to see he was right.

"Get off me, you..." He pulled his feet out from under him and everyone laughed at him.

"Y/n." Thor said, gaining your attention.

"Yeah?" You looked at him, waiting for him to answer.

"Truth or dare." He smirked and the team groaned, having this game each time they drank.

"truth." You slurred out, looking at him in a haze.

"Boringgg." Natasha dragged out, leaning back in her seat.

"Fine, I choose dare." You told him, your eyes on Natasha with a smile.

"I dare you to..." He stopped as he thought for a minute, "drink what's left of our drink."

"No!" Almost everyone called in sync, knowing you'll be back in Bruce's room before you could finish.

"Boringgg." You called out, repeating Natasha's words as you smirked over at her.

"Fine, I dare you to tell us your deepest darkest secret."

"So original," You teased, sarcasm lacing your tone, "I murdered a kid in high school." You shrugged as if it was the most normal thing to say.

"What?" You heard Tony ask and you nodded.

"He was bullying my brother, threatened to have his dad torture him, so you know," You explained, "I killed him." You shrugged, leaning on your knees.

"Interesting," Tony hummed, his eyebrows raised in amusement, "Wanda," At her name her head perked up, looking over at the laying figure of Tony, "truth or dare? Don't be boring." He sighed and you wondered if that was because she had always chosen truth before this.

"Dare." She replied simply as she moved a little in her seat, waiting for this dare.

"Kiss the person you're most attracted to." Tony smirked up at her, earning a round of 'oos' from everyone around.

"Are there any mirrors around here?" She asked jokingly, causing everyone to laugh. She thought for a moment before she rose from her seat, looking at everyone one by one with a knowing smile on her face.

"It's going to be me," Steve sat up proudly, his eyes closed as he made a kissing face which made everyone laugh once more, he opened one eye as he looked over at her, "what are you waiting for?" He asked, closing his eye again.

"You're so full of yourself," Thor laughed, flexing his muscles, "It's clearly going to be me." Steve sat back again, opening his eyes and everyone waited for Wanda to decide.

She walked over to Steve, his eyebrow perking up and she looked between the two of you, Steve's messy hair and drunken smile made her perk a brow and she looked over at you. Just as drunk as Cap was, your hair falling messily in front of your face, your eyes hooded with a lazy look spread over your face. As she looked at you, she got it. You were so attractive to her in that moment, she leaned down and placed her hand behind your neck pulling you into a kiss. She understood everything as your lips met and moved against each other. Everyone cheered and laughed as they watched the two of you, not pulling back from the kiss.

Wanda may have understood why she wanted to kiss you then, but so did Nat. 

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