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Nat was the first to leave and soon after everyone started doing the same, leaving just you, Wanda and Steve behind. You felt your eyes growing heavy so you stood from your seat, grabbing onto Steve's arm when he put it out to stop you from falling. "Goodnight." You turned and gave them a salute before you walked towards the elevator, stumbling as you walked.

You stepped inside and pressed the button to go up. You took a deep breath and walked out, tripping over your own feet as you walked, finally getting to your door you sighed in relief, opening and walking inside.

You closed the door behind you and walked over to your bed and looked up, confusion spreading over your face. "What are you doing?"

"What are you  doing?" Natasha replied, looking at you in pure confusion.

"I'm... going to bed?" You replied, looking around the room, eyebrows furrowing when the decorations were different, "I'm also confused." You said looking at the assassin who was lying on top of her bed, watching something on the tv.

"Wrong room, Buttercup."

"But... it's one floor up, three down on the right?" She chuckled at your drunken state and that was the first time that it had just been the two of you when she actually smiled.

"One floor up from the third floor." She stated, her eyes moving back to the tv.

"I was just there?" You questioned yourself, running your hand through your hair.

"No," She told you, "You were just on the first  floor."

"Oh." You said.

"oh" she repeated, her eyes moving on you.

"Well sorry for the disturbance, adios!" You waved her off and you heard her sigh.

"You are not walking around the tower like that." She told you, getting up off her bed.

"I want my  bed." You whined as she placed both hands on your arm, moving you towards the bed.

"You can have it when you've sobered up a little." She sat you down and you groaned, moving yourself to lean against the headboard.

"I can't." You grumbled, crossing your arms.

"What do you mean?" She took her spot next to you and lay back down, watching the tv as she waited for your answer.

"I'm locked up in this tower like Repunzel. My bed is milesss away," You sighed, now interested in what she was watching, "What's this?"

"Just a documentary," You hummed at her response, everything beginning to get awkward, "so, Wanda, huh?" She broke the silence, peering up at you with a forced smirk.

"Nah, it's not like that." You shrugged, continuing to watch the documentary.

"Doesn't seem like that to her."

"It was a dare, dares don't mean anything." Silence filled the air again but this time it was because you were both so interested in watching the tv.

20 minutes passed and you were both still wide awake, drawn to the tv. "You're from Russia?" Natasha asked, her eyebrow arching.

"My parents are, I was born in the states but moved back to Russia for a few years of my life," She nodded her head slightly, "how did you know that?"

"I have my ways," She teased, poking at your side a little causing you to smile, "your accent." She stated and your eyebrows furrowed, your focus now on her.

"I don't have an accent?" You questioned.

"No..." she looked away for a moment, choosing her words, "but it comes out when you say certain things."

"You're watching me very closely, Romanoff," You teased, "if I wasn't already wary of you, I definitely am now."

"Oh please, I never even notice when you're around." You shot her a challenging look and she smiled innocently.

"Really? Because whenever I'm around you're staring daggers at me, and not to mention the knife you held to my throat."

"Watch what you say, L/n." At her stern words, you stopped the teasing knowing she would win as you were too drunk to think of a good comeback.

You rose from the bed, looking down on her and her face fell confused, "where are you going?" She asked and you couldn't help but smile when she sounded like an innocent child.

"To bed," You pointed at the door and she nodded, "but one more thing," you placed your hands on the bed, leaning closer to her, "You may act like you hate me," you paused, watching her expressions closely, "but deep down you know you like me, and ever deeper down," You smiled as you chose your words, "You'll grow to love me." Her cheeks tinted red but not enough for you to see, she looked at you now and all she could see was how you looked when Wanda kissed you all those hours ago.

"You're lucky I hate you then," She returned and you raised a brow, "because if I didn't, I'd kiss you right now." Your cheeks heated, a smirk taking over your lips.

"I don't think Wanda would want that," You teased as you pushed yourself to stand up and she rolled her eyes at you, "goodnight, Natasha."

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