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 The door opened again, making your head perk up looking to see who your new company was. The previous woman from before walked in behind a new one, she didn't look as intimidating as the woman who stood back. Her face was a lot more soft, her expressions not scared but worried for you. So you played on it.

You kept your head low, not making eye contact with either of the two as you listened in on their whispering, "You need to read her mind, Wanda. This isn't a game, we can't be taking any risks with her."

"Exactly, it's not a game so I'm not going against Tony's words. Until I have his confirmation I won't be using my powers on anyone, especially when we have no real proof she works for Hydra." Her tone was calm but Natasha knew she was serious.

"Wanda.. I know it's a big ask but if you would have seen- heard what she said, you wouldn't think twice about it." You could barely hear her, but she thought she was talking too quietly, adding to your advantage. You heard a sigh and footsteps coming your way, a kick at the chairs legs followed by a stern "Hey!" You knew she wanted you to look at her but you didn't follow.

"Please don't." Your voice was weak, eyes glossing over not yet looking at the woman.

"Look at me!" She yelled this time, not wanting to play your games. You slowly looked up at the woman, a broken look covering your face.

"Nat." Wanda whispered, taking a step closer to her.

"No, Wanda. Don't you see this is another one of her tricks?" Natasha spat, her patience running low with you. Silence filled the room, no one making a sound as you hung your head down again.

"Go see what Tony has to say about this." Wanda sighed, knowing she was going to need to read your mind one way or another, but really she wanted space with you with Nat gone. A small hope she could get you to talk.

"Fine." Was all Nat said before she left the room, silence making its way into the air again.

Wanda moved the chair that was in front of you backwards a bit as she took a seat, releasing a breath she didn't know she was holding. "I know this is a lot but we need answers," Her voice was kind, and you could feel her eyes on you as you thought of a response but couldn't muster one up to that, "If you help us, we can help you." She was whispering this time, maybe to stop others from hearing or to show you she cared. You didn't care either way but the game was fun.

"Please," your voice broke in the way you made it to, like you were the best actor Hollywood had ever seen, "I just want to go home." Tears were flowing down your cheek, looking towards the ground so you don't come off as too eager for the girl to see.

"And you can, when you give us what we ask for, that's all." You look up slightly to see her smiling softly but apologetically, her face flickering over to a sympathetic look when she saw your tears. "Why were you there?" She asks you, you break eye contact and blinked back the tears you had forced yourself to release.

"I was just wanting answers of my own." You whispered the lie ever so sweetly that the girl came to wipe your tears knowing you couldn't due to your restraints.

"What answers?"

"My parents they," You paused, thinking of the most believable lie you could use for you to gain even the tiniest bit of trust from her, "they passed away a few years back," you let the tears fall as you grinned inside, knowing your parents were on the other side of the world probably drinking their nights away with a smile of pure joy on their faces, "they were very secretive but t-... they were murdered and I just want to know who did it." Finishing your lie with a feeling of satisfaction growing inside you as the redhead wiped your tears over once more, you knew you had her.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered and this only encouraged you to continue speaking.

"I didn't mean any of this, I just want to know who. I just want to go home." You let out a small sob and the door opened once more, Natasha walking in side-by-side with Tony.

Natasha looked over at you, seeing your tear stained face and all though she didn't buy it, she wasn't going to interrogate you.

"You have my permission Wanda." Tony nodded and Wanda stood up, leading them out of the room, closing the door behind them. You knew they could still see you so you didn't dare to break the act.

"I don't need to, she told me why she was there." Natasha rolled her eyes, furious with herself that she couldn't do it but Wanda could.

"Why?" Tony encouraged, Wanda looked back at you before she answered.

"Her parents were murdered, she wants answers and just happened to get caught up with us." Natasha gaped at her, wondering if the girl was actually crazy.

"So happened to get caught up with us? Seriously Wanda? You're not believing that right?" It wasn't really a question when it came to Nat. She looked over to Tony to see his view on this and he shrugged his shoulders, Natasha scoffed. "fucking assholes." She stormed off leaving the two to deal with you on their own.

Steve, Wanda and Tony stood in the kitchen, Nat already leaving the tower unable to believe Tony actually believing your twisted lies. The three of them stood around, suggesting what to do with you. If Natasha was right about you, they would have let a Hydra agent walk free but if Wanda was right, they're keeping an innocent hostage. "Tony, what do you think we should do?" Cap asked him, Tony taking his time to think.

"I can't say I don't believe her, but we can't just trust any word she says. We untie her, keep her here in the tower- You two having close eyes on her - And she must not leave until she has my say, got it?" Steve and Wanda looked at each other before they nodded their heads in agreement.

"We won't let you down." Cap told him and Tony nodded appreciatively. 

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