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 Once you had arrived, a few of you went to look around at the new layout, there were still some sections that were still under construction so you had guessed those areas were out of bounds for now. The rooms were much spacier, all the same with the walls a light gray, a big bed placed in the middle, a larger wardrobe this time, a large window replacing the wall facing the door, a tv mounted on the wall and a dresser in the far left corner. It was a simple layout but you preferred that.

Tony called you all back so that's what you did. You all took a seat, you looked around the big open area of the new compound, easily distracted by the spacious rooms, tech visible at each corner. It was nice. "As you may have seen there are still some areas under construction, that's some of the rooms. To make things easier, Cap and I have selected some pairs who will be sharing rooms when you're not at home and so on, just until the end of the week."

Everyone nodded along, understanding his reason, "Peter and Sam, as you aren't here on overnight stays very often, I have paired you two in room 4." The curly hair boy smiled up in awe at Tony, he never stayed overnight but he might be staying throughout the week, adapting to the new place.

"Bucky and Cap, you will be in room 6, Cap, you already know this." He nodded, telling him he was right, "Thor's room is under construction as we talk so he will be staying in Asgard and that's where he is as we speak. Bruce and Nat, you're in room 8, Wanda and Y/n, room 10." Nat glanced at you as Tony assigned your rooms, her expression unreadable. "Now, make yourself at home. Y/n stay back, I would like to talk to you." Everyone got up and left, leaving you and Tony behind.

"What is it, Stark?" You asked, crossing your right leg over your left.

"You've been showing us a lot of great work recently and I want to say that I trust you," you fought back the smile that was threatening to appear, not wanting to show him you were happy about it, "and for that I want to say I'm sorry we took this long to realize you aren't a threat. You can have all your freedom back, you can leave whenever you want, however, we would still like you working for us. Would you do that?"

"Thank you for your apology, big man," He rolled his eyes at you, a small smile on his face. "And I can say I will still be working for you."

"Great, it's good to hear that."

"I'm only staying because I know you'd miss me." You teased and he scoffed, shaking his head as his smile grew bigger.

"You wish, L/n, you wish." He pointed his finger at you and you hit him jokingly on his arm as you walked passed him, leaving to find Wanda. "Don't get lost, motherboard!"

"It's not a motherboard!" You called back, laughing to yourself as you made your way over to the rooms.

You opened the door to yours and Wanda's room, seeing her lay on the bed with all her things still boxed up. You closed the door behind you and made your way over to copy what she was doing, you let out a sigh as you covered your face, tiredness growing over you for no reason. "What did Tony want to talk about?" She broke the silence and you moved your hands, looking at her.

"I'm a free woman." You beamed and her smile grew.

"I knew they'd come around." She spoke softly, moving on her side to face you as you looked up at the white painted ceiling.

"This means I'm finally able to go home." You thought out loud, smiling to yourself at the thought of your house that had been abandoned all those weeks ago. "I'm gonna have so many bills to go home to," You groaned at the realization and she chuckled.

"I'm sure they'd understand."

"What, I tell them I got kidnapped and became a prisoner by Tony Stark for the past few weeks and got made to work for him?" You breathed out a laugh and she thought before shrugging, silently telling you she understood.

"I wouldn't believe it either." She giggled, sitting herself up and looking down at you.

You both talked for an hour until Tony came and told you Happy would take you to your house to collect your things. You thanked him and waved Wanda a goodbye before you left the compound with Happy.

So that's where you were now, finally in the comfort of your own home packing some of your things including a lot more clothes as they were what you needed most. You went to your kitchen drawer and pulled out your phone from when you left it there before your mission, knowing it was a bad idea to take it. You were greeted with hundreds of notifications and missed calls from some of your friends but you didn't have the time to reply to them right now. You told Happy he could go back to the compound as you had your own car so that's what he did. You weren't wrong about your bills either as there were envelopes by the front door, you owned the house in full but gas and electric bills built up as the weeks went by.

You had thrown them on the counter for now, ignoring them as you continued packing. You were just grateful you didn't have any pets as they definitely wouldn't have survived this long on their own. You had to throw everything out from your cupboards and fridge as they had expired, groaning to yourself at the waste.

You missed being there, a lot more than you actually realized and you didn't want to leave it again but now that Tony had given you permission to leave whenever you wanted you knew you could come here for a break at your own choice. 

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