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(slight mention of torture in one speech, * will be used to show when it starts and ends.)

Once Nat told you to get ready for your date, you left with a cheeky smile, forcing yourself not to bolt to your room not wanting her to know how eager you actually were.

Wanda out with Sam, getting some things for the compound so you had the room to yourself to get ready, making yourself look the best.

After showering, you changed into a silk red dress that stopped at your mid thigh. Applying some light makeup, you styled your hair and sprayed on some perfume before checking yourself for the last time. A knock at the door startled you and you guessed it was Nat, fixing your dress a little and clearing your throat, you made your way over to the door.

There she stood, a black dress hugging her figure close as you took her in, "You look amazing." She told you, kissing your cheek and offering out her hand for you to take.

"As do you." You smiled at her, lacing your fingers with her as you both left the compound, undetected by anyone around.

The date had been going well, the conversations went even better. You forgot there was a plate of food in front of you that you had to say was just delicious. Her eyes stayed locked on yours, the entire time you spoke, watching you so delicately. "How exactly did you get your powers? Because I know they were created but how does that work?" She questioned, wanting to know you more than you knew yourself.

"Well my parents were the creators and they had the design so perfect they put my life on it." She nodded along, occasionally sipping at her wine as you explained, "the plate in my neck has its own miniscule connections, replacing my veins to create its own version of myself, and that's why if it were to be destroyed it would kill me."

"What would happen if you were to have your heart stop beating? Like it being shot?"

"Are you asking me that because you've been thinking of killing me?" She shot an eyebrow and she laughed quietly, shaking her head with a small smile at her lips.

"I'm just curious."

"My heart would continue to beat and the hole would close itself as quick as it got there." You shrugged, like it was no big deal.

"And if you were to have a limb cut off?"

"It's not possible, I'm not sure how that works because there've been many times where I've cut the end of my finger off when cutting vegetables," you thought to yourself, realizing you've never spent your time thinking about yourself, "But obviously I just healed myself."

"Wait," She stopped, looking at you in question, "How do you know it doesn't work?"

* "Oh I got captured by this gang, they tried to torture me for answers and when they tried to take a saw to my wrist it was like a flush of force pushed them back when they made contact with my bone." *

"How can you say that like it's the most normal thing?" She looked concerned, trying to hide it but she wasn't the best at doing so.

"You have a giant green lump smashing things behind you as you walk, and not to mention the kid who swings from a literal cobweb, let's not get into 'normal'," You did the air quotes and she giggled, telling you that you were right.

The two of you finished eating and as much as you tried to pay, she wouldn't allow it. You had a walk in the empty streets, only lit up from the streetlights or the odd illuminated store signs. It was quiet, so peaceful at these times and walking hand in hand with the girl you had started to fall for, talking about your favorite flavor of certain foods like ice cream, cake, milkshakes and so on, brought everything together making you feel like you were living in a literal dream.

"Are you ready to go back?" She asked as you pulled you closer when her arm wrapped around your shoulder as you walked.

"Would you still believe I hate you if I said no?" You teased, only meaning one thing you said in that sentence. You didn't want the night to end, not to sound cliché as you always cringe when people would say that, but as the night came closer to that ending, you finally understood what everyone meant.

"I never believed it anyway, buttercup." She chuckled lightly, rubbing your arm as she kissed the top of your head.

"I think it was convincing, how could you not have believed me?" You laughed, your hands moving in front of you as you told her your thoughts.

"Your acting is awful if you call your little act 'hating me', and be honest, your eyes were set on me from the start."

"Now you're just being cocky." She squeezed your arm as you lay your head on her shoulder for a small moment.

"Only because it's obvious." You looked at her, rolling your eyes when you saw the smug smile on her face.

"I bet you were interested first." You shot back, defending yourself and she giggled, looking down as you did so and you felt your heart physically melt, or it just punched you from the inside to not let this happen, either way your heart was going crazy.

"Oh I was, that's not debatable."

"How about we go back to my place instead of the tower? Spend the rest of the night together, just you and me?" You asked, a hint of hope in your voice as you stopped walking to face her.

"I'd love it." 

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