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"I've got him!" Peter yelled, swinging from a building and landing on the creature's back after he shot webs at its arms, locking them up. It ripped out of it with ease and reached round, grabbing Peter in its hand before throwing him, a loud yell coming from the younger boy as he called, "I don't got him!"

Wanda lifted cars up, throwing them at the creature's head knocking it to the ground for a slight moment before it picked itself up with no injury. Tony blasted at it, making it fall down, taking advantage of this, Hulk jumped on its back as he ran across its spine before smashing his head with a giant rock from the fallen buildings making it screech out a cry.

Running up its tail, you glided your hand across it, burning holes into its back and once Tony saw this he shot it in its open wounds, making it stay on the ground. Calling Wanda to use her powers, she did just that, telling everyone to move as she made the building next to it topple on top of it. Nat emptied her clip into its leg, watching how it quickly oozed out a blue liquid. When it tried to get up once more, the Hulk leaped onto where its head would be, hopefully knocking it out. Taking you by surprise, he started jumping repeatedly on its head like a trampoline, making you physically laugh. "You okay?" Cap asked, his hand on your arm as he held his shield at the ready incase he decided to get back up.

"Oh I'm great." You laughed, pointing over to Hulk who was still using the creature like a trampoline, when you looked back at Cap you noticed all the cuts on his face, "Oh, here." You told him and set your mind to closing his wounds and they did in seconds, he gave you an appreciative smile before running off over to Wanda who got knocked down by the creature's arm when it punched out a hole from all the rubble.

You wanted to try something you haven't in a long while and from Bruce fixing your circuit board, you weren't sure if it was going to work but you had to try. Heating your hands up and bringing them closer to each other, you smiled lightly as the ball of extreme heat came present and you pushed your hands forward, aiming at the creatures side and watched as it burned through its side, leaving a gaping hole in the middle when it had shot through its whole body. By this action it stopped moving completely and you stubbled back, tripping over some rumble making you fall against a car that was on its roof. "Woah!" You heard Peter explain as he landed in front of you, offering you his hand and you took it with a thank you, "That was awesome!" You could tell by his tone that he was beaming under his mask and you chuckled, Tony landed not too far from you, his mask opening up and you saw his impressed look.

"Didn't know you had that in you." You heard Steve and shrugged, dusting your hands on your pants.

"Why didn't you do that sooner?" Nat questioned, placing her hand on your shoulder before she looked over you making sure there weren't any other cuts on you apart from your bleeding lip and cut temple.

"I didn't know if it would still work." You told her simply, shrugging your shoulders as you walked past her, stopping to ask Wanda if she was okay after being flung.

Heading back to the compound, Tony collected some samples of the creature's blood to work on with Bruce. You sat down with a huff and Peter did the same, making you chuckle. "That was so cool! When you shot him with that- that fire! I was like 'woah'," The boy copied your actions from earlier and you laughed at him.

"Well I liked that web shooting you did, that was cool." You told him and he smiled up at you.

"Thank you!" You ruffled his hair before Tony came in, "Hi Mr Stark!" The boy beamed.

"Hey kid, great work out there," He said, "Both of you." He offered you both a smile before he took a seat on the couch to your left, closing his eyes when he did.

"Y/n." You looked up and saw Steve in the doorway.

"That's me." You told him.

"I know that?" He furrowed his eyebrows, shaking his head as he waved it off, "come with me." You rose from your seat and followed him out of the room, walking with him side by side down the hallway.

"I would like to get you into training, you said you 'didn't know if it would still work', so Wanda has offered to help train with you as you are the only two with powers, this will help you in a lot of ways."

"I could really use it, it's been a long time since I've had to use more than my hands," You chuckled to yourself at what came to your mind but cleared your throat when he glanced at you, "what I mean is It's been a while so I'd like that. Thank you." You told him, patting his arm as you did.

"She's waiting outside if you're ready."

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